GDS Ice Covered
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GDS Ice Covered

At the international exhibition of shoes and accessories GDS, which opens in Dusseldorf on 16 in March, traditionally pays great attention to young shoe designers - their works are exhibited in the segment Design Attack. Each year, 100 designers must create collections in accordance with the theme set by the organizers. This year she sounds like Polar Radar - polar radar. According to the organizers, the theme will inspire talented youth to plunge into the history of past centuries, to remember the times of adventurous novels. Adventure seekers will be accompanied by wild Arctic bears and snow-covered plains - this is exactly what the exposure will be like. The stand of each participant will be decorated with ice crystals.

In March 2011 year the project Design Attack will be organized for the fourteenth time. Among the participants are stamps BB Vanities, B Stu Footwear, Rebel Rockers. It is worth noting two young talents.

The History of Penelope Chilvers (Penelope Chilvers) started with typical Spanish riding shoes. As a true British lady Penelope from childhood was fond of dressage and at some point she realized that she could not just look at such shoes. This impulse led to the creation of a complete collection of expensive leather boots, unusual boots with fur, logos with fur details. They have already tried on Cate Blanchett and El MacPherson.

MOS Copengagen - This is a new brand not only at the exhibition, but also in the world. The 2011 fall-winter collection of the year will be the debut of Danish designers. They believe that in their collection they are better than anyone else able to combine fashion and functionality. Their "stylish chip" in the combination of nylon and suede, suede and rubber. polar open spaces, sometimes endless to gloom, they offer to revive the "moon rovers" of energetic, vibrant colors. They combine sporty styling with a feminine collection.

Recall the exhibition GDSwill be held 16-18 March.

At the international exhibition of shoes and accessories GDS, which will open in Dusseldorf on 16 in March, traditionally much attention is paid to young shoe designers - their work is exhibited in the segment ...

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