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B2B basis "Sales and Marketing - 2016"

B2B basis "Sales and Marketing - 2016"

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Only 1 once a year our partners from the B2B basis portal bring together the best, most famous and most expensive experts in B2B marketing and sales. Such an event cannot be missed, come to get acquainted.

25-26 March at the VII annual conference B2B basis "Sales and Marketing - 2016" Igor Mann, Alexander Levitas, Sergey Azimov, Gleb Arkhangelsky and many other well-known experts will share with you the latest and most practical technologies for increasing sales.

Crisis specifics taken into account. New reports, tools and techniques for your competitors are still unknown.

Among the reports:

● Cold calls: how to increase efficiency, Dmitry Tkachenko

● How to invigorate a sales department without a carrot and stick, Maxim Gorbachev

● The most important thing about sales during the crisis, Evgeny Kolotilov

● The best and new marketing tools without a budget, Igor Mann

● How to create competitive advantages and USP, Iya Imshinetskaya

● Effective detuning techniques from competitors in the B2B market, Dmitry Kot

● Do not look for decision makers. Alternative sales strategies, Dmitry Norka

● Drive in sales, Sergey Azimov

This is a real bomb that will blow your sales! You will not meet such a number of TOP experts in marketing and sales at any other 2016 event of the year. Be sure to come to get acquainted or watch online:

Hotel Beta, Izmailovo, g.Moscow

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