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Million Sales Online Course

Million Sales Online Course

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2022 in Brief: Sales channels are expanding, competition is growing, customer behavior is changing, political and economic conditions are deteriorating, supply chains are collapsing, and many Western brands are leaving the market.

Shoemakers are forced to do business in the era of a real perfect storm. A large-scale market redistribution is coming. Someone will take a better position, and someone will leave the market.

The old ways no longer work, and many entrepreneurs have been disarmed by the crushing change.

Fashion Advisers School has prepared a solution that, even in a storm, will help owners to upgrade their fashion business and increase X2's revenue in 3 months of training!


- 3 months of training

- 2 parts: business management for executives and professional sales for the sales team;

- 30 minutes - the average duration of 1 lesson;

- tables and business models ready for implementation.

There is a 20% discount for Shoes Report subscribers using the FRIENDS promo code

The basic rate is 44 rubles, the discounted price for SR subscribers is 000 rubles.

For more information about the course, follow the link:

BONUS: two free lessons as a gift at the link:

Hurry up to sign up! Starting September 19, 2022!


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