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Registration for the III Internet Commerce Forum 2013 continues.

Registration for the III Internet Commerce Forum 2013 continues.

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Registration continues for III Online Trading Forum 2013!

We invite you to the III Forum of Internet Trade, which will take place on September 26 at the Borodino Hotel. A super-intensive and rich program awaits you. Presentations and master classes from experts and practitioners of e-commerce.

Main themes:

  • E-commerce and government. What laws to expect from regulators (Dmitry Satin, German Klimenko, Fedor Virin)
  • Offline for online and online for offline: cases of increasing sales (Vitaly Panarin - Otto Group, Boris Preobrazhensky - ForOffice / etorg)
  • New technological and marketing tools: work efficiency and new customer acquisition channels (Alexey Kulichevsky - OhMyStats, Nikolay Khlebinsky - RetailRocket, Ilya Aizen - Flocktory, Stanislav Bai - Shoppilot)
  • Crossing borders: international trading platforms, their opportunities and threats to the market
  • Who is growing 100% per year and what is behind this growth? Investment and self-sustaining business projects: successes and failures of the year. (Sergey Airapetov - Aspring Capital)

List of participants
Representatives of Nikon, Re: Store, Old Man Hottabych, BaBaDu, 220 volts, Korablik MosIgra, ForOffice, Tiu, Snow Queen, Sberbank, Everada, Multiship, Love Republic, as well as top officials of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, and Association for the Development of Electronic Commerce.

Also during the conference there will be an opportunity to communicate with exhibitors from PayU, InSales,, RetailRocket, MoiSklad, eLama, InSales, IBuildApp

For the first time, the eRetailForum will host the eRetail Awards 2013 in 5 nominations. Receive recognition for your success from over 500 industry peers and thousands of Internet users!

Venue: Moscow, Borodino Hall (Rusakovskaya st., 13, building 5)
Organizers: InSales online store platform, supported by PayU payment system and ShopsRate online stores rating.

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