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The second annual specialized conference on the luxury market in Russia

The second annual specialized conference on the luxury market in Russia

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What is happening with the luxury goods market in Russia now and what are the short-term and medium-term prospects? Will the Russians postpone purchases in the light of the instability and unpredictability of the situation in the economy? How do buyers act when necessary to replace “failed” luxury items? How do Russians mix cheap and luxury goods? Shop or online store? What factors determine the behavior of the “current” buyer of luxury goods? How to shape your "future" customer? This is only a small percentage of what we will talk about and what we will discuss at the conference.

The conference topic is more than relevant for companies working in this area, in the light of new economic realities in Russia and the resulting changes in consumer behavior, as well as due to trends in this niche of the Russian market that began before the current round of the crisis and are long-term and steady character.

This is the second luxury conference: in October last year, “La Jounrée Luxe” brought together more than 80 owners and managers of mono-boutiques, multi-brand stores, and representatives of luxury brands from all product segments. France is firmly associated with the word "luxury", and that is why this specialized luxury event is held in Russia by the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is why it brings together leading market participants.

The conference will be hosted by leading consultants and experts who will voice their opinions and make predictions: Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, General Director of Fashion Consulting Group, Lyudmila Bartenkova, Director for Comcon Client Relations, Vladimir Biryukov, Deloitte CIS Partner, Daria Yadernaya, Esper Managing Director Group, Julia Bevzenko, CEO of Julia Bevzenko Consulting Agency, Andrey Milekhin, president of research holding Romir, Dmitry Dudinsky, founder and CEO of D2 Marketing Solutions, and Mathieu Fabr-Manyan, partner, head of the Group for work with French clients of the DENTONS company. Also, business speakers will be Julia Eremina, CEO of Carrera y Carrera in Russia, Juliana Gordon, CEO of, Dmitry Gurzhiy, president and founder of the Gourji brand, Jacques won Pellier, CEO and creative director of Rocket and Victory ”, and Svetlana Orlova, director of the Bosco shopping gallery.

See the list of speakers on the website of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce (


The conference will take place on September 22 at the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow (Moscow, Neglinnaya 4) from 9.30 am. until 14.00. (registration from 9.00).

Admission to the conference is paid, registration is required. All details on the cost of participation on the conference page on the website of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce (

Hotel "Ararat Park Hyatt", g.Moscow

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