Shoes Report Magazine #115

  • Business idea: shoes

    When it comes to shoes, most women lose their heads and count money. But not many can afford financial recklessness, and the Puerto Rican Sandrisabel Ortiz found a solution for them. She invented Heel Condoms shoe jewelery, which attracted attention not only with its provocative name, but also with the ability to update her favorite shoes every day.
  • Fashionable materials for women's shoes for the fall-winter season 2014 / 15

    In the upcoming autumn-winter season 2014 / 15, original leathers and furs with short nap will be in fashion. To find out more, check out our commercial materials guide for the season, which for Shoes Report magazine was composed by Galina Kravchenko, a representative of the online trend bureau fashionsnoops.com in Russia and director of development for Fashion Consulting Group.
  • Shoe educational program: what shoe soles are made of

    “What is the difference between TEP and EVA? What does tunit promise me? Is PVC glue? What is the sole of these shoes made of? ”- the modern buyer wants to know everything. In order not to smash his face in front of him and be able to explain whether such a sole suits him in soles, carefully read this article. In it, process engineer Igor Okorokov tells what materials the soles of shoes are made of and what makes each of them so good.
  • How to take photos for an online store

    A successful online retail begins with photos, because they are called to show the goods in all its glory. Low-quality, unprofessional images can scare off a potential buyer and leave the seller without the desired profit. How to competently make selling photos for an online store, experts say online giants Sapato.ru and Lamoda.ru.
  • Sales Merchandising Tricks

    How to sell goods at the end of the season without a remainder? What to do if shop windows do not work as we would like? What should I do if a client cannot find a discounted product without the help of a seller? Galina Krylova, trade marketing and visual merchandising specialist at VM-consulting, tells about the tricks and techniques of merchandising aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the store during the sale period.
  • Tricks you can learn from Copenhagen stores

    Despite the fact that we are still far from western standards of merchandising, the experience of foreign colleagues can be useful. Our special correspondent abroad, Song Hyun Nam, went around Copenhagen shoe stores and photographed remarkable ways of laying out shoes, and experts at the Russian portal Visualmerchandising.ru said that the owner of a shoe store in Russia could take on this.
  • Leatherette and leather in one store: for good or for loss?

    Our new reader from Buzuluk opened his first shoe store six months ago and decided to check in his own business whether shoes from different price categories can be mixed in one store. Now he has questions, and our experts will find answers.
  • Commodity Examination - Friend or Enemy of the Seller?

    The buyers, trying to return the goods, really like to scare the sellers: “I will contact the organization for the protection of consumer rights! I’ll do an examination! ”For some sellers, these threats act like a boa constrictor for a rabbit, and money for the goods quickly returns without aleatherg for details. But you should not be afraid of expertise, because it exists precisely to decide who is right in a dispute about the quality of shoes - the buyer or the seller. Everything you need to know about merchandising expertise, says expert Angelica Novitskaya.
  • How to predict the level of stocks at the beginning of the season

    In order not to be in a situation of “late drinking Borjomi” with 60% residuals at the end of the season, it is necessary to regularly analyze the store’s turnover. But, as it turned out during business seminars, only 5 businessmen from 50 know how to do this. Maxim Gorshkov, an analyst at the Academy of Retail Technologies, explains how to use the turnover indicator to forecast balances and timely work with them.
  • We form the salary of sellers: expert advice

    “How do you charge your consultants for personal or general sales?” Is one of the most popular questions causing a lot of controversy and gossip on the online forums of retail business owners. Indeed, how to properly form the earnings of sellers? But what about bonuses, where to get a sales plan from, do employees allow them to buy goods at discounted stores? In search of truth, the Shoes Report turned to a dozen shoe retailers, but no company wanted to disclose its motivation system - the process of its development was too complicated and individual. Then we asked four business consultants, and finally became convinced that the topic of seller motivation is very complex, because even our experts could not come to a common opinion.
  • Franchising: instructions for use

    The desire to expand or improve your business is natural for every entrepreneur. You can open a store from scratch, you can buy a ready-made business, or you can buy a franchise. What are the pros and cons of the franchise business in the footwear segment and what you should pay special attention to when choosing it, says Lyubov Ostashova, an expert on franchising management.
  • Immovable Records

    Experts of analytical companies in the field of commercial real estate summed up the results of the past year and told what the market for retail space in 2014 expects.
  • Recent trends in the shoe labor market

    2013 is the first year for Russia in the framework of the WTO. We watched with alarm the changes in the light industry, but, fortunately, we did not notice any drastic changes - at least in the footwear sector. Experts attribute this to the fact that for more than seven years, customs duties on shoes in Russia are the same as in all of Europe. And how did the entry into the WTO affect the labor market of the shoe industry? Specially at the request of the Shoes Report magazine, marketers of the Job.ru internet portal found this out.
  • Did predictions come true five years ago

    Five years is a short period for the market, but based on the changes that have occurred during this time, certain conclusions can be drawn. We carefully re-read the Shoes Report magazines for the 2008 year (53-63 issues inclusive) and evaluated how true the forecasts made on the shoe market at that time turned out to be.

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