Shoes Report Magazine #133

  • Sales and promotion on the Internet

  • Russian fashion online

    The Chinese online platform AliExpress launches the sale of collections of Russian designers as part of the Fashion. Made in Russia ”with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. For the first time, the world's largest online store opens the option of partnerships with Russian manufacturers.
  • Actual colors and models of December

  • Key topics for men's shoes autumn-winter 2016 / 17

    Three main trends of the future winter season: “Arctic lands”, “Endless road”, “Mysterious castle”
  • Capsule shoes

    Collaborations with designers are a fashion trend in the shoe industry. One of the successful examples is the capsule collection from the Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina for the Econika brand.
  • Shoes for Cinderella

    How crystal shoes were created for the last Disney film adaptation of the famous fairy tale “Cinderella”, and why Swarovski crystals inspire designers to create magnificent women's shoes.
  • Trainings and seminars for January-February 2016

  • Lighting solutions for shop windows and a sales area

    Lighting shop windows and a trading floor is a hot topic for our country, especially in the autumn-winter period, when daylight hours are much shorter than nights, and we spend most of the time under artificial lighting. How to make the light in the window stand out? How to create light zones in the trading floor? Recommendations from our expert - teacher of the project "" Konstantin Kozyrev.
  • Standardization of retail outlet workflows

    Service standards and seller’s work standards in the store are not only the most important tools for maintaining order and solving difficult situations, but also a direct way to increase retail sales. How to turn a visitor into a buyer? In the book of business coach Victoria Lamanova, you can find the answer to this and many other questions that concern the director of a shoe retail store.
  • Return saga: is the buyer always right?

    Shoe stores have to deal with returns quite often. How to avoid conflict with the customer when returning the goods? The recommendations are given by the head of the Russian branch of BEITRAINING, Anya Pabst.
  • At the local level

    Surveys of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses registered on trading floors on the Internet show that customers are important to them, especially from their city / region / region.
  • Mobile shopping

    Having gained access to mobile technology, buyers began to actively experiment with shopping methods. Retailers should take this into account in their advertising campaigns and promotion strategies, trying to maximize the potential of another modern distribution channel, which is currently being formed. How can mobile and related technologies help advance?
  • Results of the Russian "Black Friday-2015"

    Online sales are becoming an increasingly popular and effective sales channel for retailers. Evidence of this is the increase in the number of companies participating in the Black Friday total sales campaign, which has been held in Russia for several years. This year, more than 300 companies - online and offline stores - took part in the grand Black Friday sale.
  • Anti-crisis plan

    Retail partners of the German brand Rieker believe that the best response to the crisis is the opening of new stores in the regions in street retail.
  • Vietnam shoe market

    The production of footwear is one of the leading directions of the light industry in Vietnam, which is currently the second exporter of footwear in the world after China with a world market share of 9,2%. Today Vietnam expects the entry into force of a number of many international agreements, opening up the largest world markets, including the Russian one, for it.
  • Turkish gambit

    At the time of preparing the publication of this issue of the magazine, the list of goods that were prohibited by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation to be imported from Russia from January 1 to 2016 on January XNUMX was not available. However, the market has already felt the tension. What is the place of Turkish fashion and Turkish shoes on the Russian market, how seriously can possible sanctions and prohibitive measures affect it? SR talked with experts and discussed the acute “Turkish issue” with them. Will Turkish shoes be banned?
  • Russian and foreign shoe exhibitions of the first half of the 2016 year

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