Shoes Report Magazine #179

  • Current fall models-2020

    Dark greens, pure silver, spotted and striped boots
  • Ethics, awareness, sustainability

    Such values ​​are carried by the modern fashion industry. Consumers have become particularly sensitive to how and from what clothes and shoes are made.
  • Sustainability and the return of the nineties

    Fashion trends for the winter season 2021
  • Optimization of costs and personnel

    Cases from the practice of shoes and accessories business
  • Friendliness, delicacy and competent navigation

    Shops after the pandemic: what has changed inside fashion retail?
  • Social media and shoe business

    How to properly promote your brand across different platforms?
  • Trend store format: Pop up Store

    A selection of expert opinions on why it is profitable to make temporary stores today.
  • Traditions and Innovations

    Caprice celebrates its 2020th anniversary in 30. Managing Director Caprice Kölsch spoke to SR about the brand's history, plans and collection for spring-summer 2021.
  • Centennial shoppers: who are they?

    30 facts about today's youth

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