Range online and offline: what is the difference?
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Range online and offline: what is the difference?

Multichannel has recently become the main trend in trade. In addition to the traditional store, any self-respecting brand seeks to acquire its own online platform. But each territory dictates its own rules. It is believed that the Internet audience is more young, mobile and tuned to search for profitable, but at the same time fashionable offers. Is it so? Is there a difference in the content of offline and online stores? How do shoe retailers build their assortment policy on the Internet?

“There is practically no difference in the assortment,” said Maria Dolgova, spokeswoman for the Ecco brand, “but the goods of past collections are also being sold on the Internet. Interestingly, the bestsellers almost coincide, there is a noticeable increase in online trading for the assortment participating in the marketing campaign, special promotions. "

Probably, in the minds of domestic consumers, an opinion has already been established that goods should be cheaper on the Internet. An online store in this sense is a really good tool for selling leftovers. This opinion, obviously, is shared by Rendez-vous, Econika and other retailers, who also have online discounts on products from previous collections.

In the online store Carlo Pazolini, which was opened recently, in April 2014, special offers and additional promotions are valid only for registered users, said Ekaterina Targonskaya, head of online projects at Carlo Pazolini Group. “For the convenience of customers, the most striking accents of the seasonal collection are divided into thematic collections. The prices on the website are fully consistent with the prices in the Carlo Pazolini boutiques. The project is in constant development, improving the quality of service. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, including the Republic of Crimea, ”she said.

Multichannel has recently become the main trend in trade.
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