Cosmetics for shoes
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Cosmetics for shoes

The current market for shoe care products is huge. To understand this diversity, you need to understand why all these tubes, jars and spray cans are needed. Of course, in order to sell them well, sellers must be well versed in the specifics and features of care products. This product occupies the lion's share of the “bundle” in any shoe store, helping to make good sales in the autumn-winter season. In the features of the assortment, presentation and calculation of shoe care products, in the nuances of sales of this product, we deal with SR expert Julia Belkina, the official representative of the Solitaire brand in Russia.

Julia Belkina Julia Belkina - expert on related products, representative of the Solitaire, NATCH !, Nico, Bergal brands in Russia.

According to marketers, ideally, the sale of related products should be carried out after each purchase, that is, in 100% of cases of sales of the main product. But it’s not easy to establish effective sales of the “bundle”; it is a whole science, which, however, is quite capable of mastering. As they say, the road will be overpowered by the walking one. Shoe care products are an ideal companion item for any retail store that can help you increase your average bill and increase customer loyalty.

The range of shoe care products in Russia is more diverse than in Europe

The Russian market for related products is much more diverse than the European one. This indicates that this group of goods and shoe cosmetics, in particular, is of great commercial interest in Russia. A huge number of brands in all price categories are really represented on the Russian market. These are Russian manufacturers, and European, and Chinese. In Europe, as a rule, only European ones are present, and, for example, in Germany - mainly German brands, in France - French. The European market of shoe cosmetics is quite homogeneous, the emergence of "new players" is extremely rare. This market is also quite stable.

The volume of sales of home care products in Germany amounted to about 2013 million euros per year in 80. In general, in the European market, sales are about 160 million euros per year, according to various estimates. However, it should be borne in mind that these volumes concern only specialized shoe trade and do not include sales volumes that are carried out in food supermarkets or household chemical stores. In addition, the named turnover is indicated in the wholesale, selling prices of manufacturers.

The annual sales turnover of shoe cosmetics in Russia in 2013 was estimated by experts at about 200 million euros. This figure takes into account the sales of shoe cosmetics both in the shoe trade and in self-service grocery stores, while statistics are given in retail prices.

The surge in sales on the "small things"

It is believed that related products can be made from 5 to 10% of the turnover, the figure can vary in both directions. The role is played by the assortment of shoe cosmetics, and its cost, and, above all, the attitude of the store manager to this product. If the goods are simply exhibited, but no efforts are made to sell them, then the turnover will be modest. This is a common truth, however, there are still store managers who do not want to "bother" with small things. Yes, it’s a lot of work: training of sellers, conducting statistics, constant sub-equipment of goods, introduction of new products. But the return can be grandiose. A simple example: now there are a lot of shoes in blue. It fades and there is a need to refresh this color. If the employee involved in the match took care in advance and put the blue cream in the trading floor, not just one, but in three shades, then in the season he will have very good sales. Proper presentation and advertising of strong impregnations in the autumn-winter period always brings a solid surge in turnover. The impregnations themselves are not cheap, therefore, the earnings for them are very tangible. When playing a preference, they say: to take a bribe - to remain without a bribe. It’s the same here. You can say that it is a waste of time and effort, but you can say: "In the crisis, I am dear to every ruble, and I will earn where it works."

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Today's shoe care market is huge. To understand this variety, you need to understand why all these tubes, jars and ...
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