British Knights - season premiere Advertising
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British Knights - season premiere

SOHO Fashion introduces a new brand in its portfolio of brands - British Knights. The British Knights brand was launched in the United States in 1983 by Jack Schwartz Shoes Inc. It is noteworthy that the VK brand was created under the influence of the management of Foot Locker, the iconic American chain of sportswear and footwear stores. Foot Locker felt the need to introduce a brand to its range to counterbalance Nike, whose products accounted for a significant portion of its sales. For the youth target audience, the creative team of the brand has developed a name consonant with the familiar “Nike”, which evoked positive associations.

The very first collection of British Knights sneakers was a hit, because in the environment of functional sports shoes there were not enough models following current fashion trends. Marketers of the company sensitively recognized their audience in the city rebels of 15-24 for years and from the moment they entered the market began to work directly for it, releasing models with a catchy design.

In 1991, the British Knights introduced their first patented technology - Dymacel, embodied in a diamond-shaped silicone insert integrated into a special “window” in the sole of the shoe. This element allowed to create an effective depreciation system when walking.

The brand’s popularity among young people was also facilitated by the collaboration of the brand with well-known hip-hop artists. A powerful marketing breakthrough was the signing of a contract with the musician with MC Hammer, the owner of a huge army of fans.

In 1991, British Knights signed a Dymacel promotion contract with professional athlete Derrick Coleman of New Jersey Nets, a leading player in the US basketball ranking. The athlete wore British Knights shoes during all games, on TV shows and photo shoots. And basketball fans swept sneakers from the shelves, similar to those that were on the athlete. However, since the end of the 90's, the company has been plagued by failures caused by high competition in the professional sports shoe segment. At the beginning of the 2000's, the BK leadership made several attempts to revive the brand’s celebrity, but the collections did not meet the requirements of the time.

Then the brand owners headed for rebranding and contacted Scooter Brown, the head of several US hip-hop labels. He, having seen great potential in the project, enlisted the support of designer Darren Romanelli, and in 2014, BK released a new collection. Keeping the best of the brand’s legacy and experience, the creative team has made shoes more modern. This is reflected in the optimal combination of model functionality and fresh design that meets the aesthetics of street fashion.

The new BK strategy is aimed at active youth who strive for self-expression through their appearance. BK sneakers and sneakers are shoes for a busy life in the metropolis, for those who are ready to constantly have fun 24 hours a day. Improved models with an original design distinguish the brand from many competitors and make the brand a favorite among all who have not more than 20 in their hearts.

We invite you to visit the SOHO Fashion showroom in Moscow, on ul. Friedrich Engels, 75 / 11, to appreciate the collection of the renewed British Knights brand.

SOHO Fashion presents a new brand in its brand portfolio - British Knights.
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