Clarks: the world needs ORIGINALS
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Clarks: the world needs ORIGINALS

In 2017, the legendary English brand Clarks challenges the familiar perception of the brand image. The bold statement “THE WORLD NEEDS ORIGINALS” (originals) accompanies the Clarks Originals advertising campaign, which marks a new direction in the development of the Originals collection and promotes it in the premium segment.

Despite the success of the Clarks creative team in creating fashionable novelties, the “face” of the brand and the undisputed favorite is the classic that has been tested for decades - Clarks Originals. This is exactly the part of the collection that carries the DNA of the brand. Therefore, a logical strategic move was the company's announcement of positioning Clarks Originals as an independent brand. The main part of the Clarks collection will continue to develop in the traditional mid-market segment.

The most recognizable model at Clarks Originals is Desert Boots. The prototype of the model was officer boots, which after the war brought from the Middle East the great-grandson of the founder of the brand Nathan Clark. They were worn with pleasure by the military in the heat in the sand, hence the name Desert Boots. For the first time this model appeared on sale in the 1950 year. Over 65 years, more than 10 million pairs of this model have been sold worldwide. Over the years, these shoes have been favored by celebrities such as Janis Joplin, Beatles, Oasis, Daniel Craig, Robert Pattinson, and the British Prince Harry.

Today, Clarks Originals attracts prominent artists and informal models to advertise. In 2017, Clarks released a film about Kingston All Stars, the real reggae legend. Jamaican musicians have been loyal fans of the Clarks Originals Wallabee for many years.

Also in 2017, the brand released the exclusive Desert Boots line in collaboration with Canadian rap artist Drake. Three new variations of classic deserts saw the light, now made in suede embossed in the form of the abbreviation OVO and with an owl as a logo, which are the trademarks of the musician's label.

Clarks designers set out to create unique models of shoes that cannot be attributed to any specific time period. Preserving the iconic brands Desert Boots, Wallabee and Desert Trek, the 2017 / 18 fall-winter collection is marked by new models, the inspiration for which was drawn from the company's archival achievements.

In the spring-summer season, 2018 Clarks Originals will expand the range of innovative shoes. Noble textures, accentuated workmanship, minimalistic design and unexpected accents are the main characteristics of the future Clarks Originals collection. We invite you to visit the Moscow showroom "SOHO Fashion" on the street. Friedrich Engels, 75 / 11, where you can find the new Clarks collection and original Clarks Originals SS18 models.

In 2017, the legendary English brand Clarks challenges the familiar perception of the brand image. The bold statement “THE WORLD NEEDS ORIGINALS” (originals) accompanies the Clarks advertising campaign ...
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