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Clarks: Strategic move
13.08.2018 9385

Clarks: Strategic move

Obvious fact: if a company has overcome two centuries and retained its leading position in the industry, you can learn a lot from it. Clarks has become a leader in the comfort shoes market thanks to successful strategic decisions over decades. And today, Clarks, using modern approaches in the strategic management of the corporate portfolio of brands, creates a successful case for newcomers to the industry.

The company Clarks with the spring-summer season 2019 presents an updated brand architecture. Clarks management has chosen the house of brands strategy, which is used when a company seeks to reach different target audiences and several price segments, while having broad production capabilities. The updated portfolio will contain a number of individual brands: Clarks, Clarks Originals, Collection by Clarks, Cloudsteppers by Clarks, Unstructured, Clarks Kids.

A clear division of the assortment will allow Clarks to attract more consumers and occupy a special place in different market segments: fashion, sports, comfort, classic. At the same time, the main advantages for all brands will remain comfort, manufacturability and many years of experience in creating shoes.

Russian buyers have long been familiar with two main collections - Clarks and Clarks Originals. The design philosophy and price positioning of these brands will continue in the near future.

Clarks Clarks

The Clarks brand collection is an unrivaled classic that combines modern trends and traditional style: clear silhouettes, elegant details, classic shades - the embodiment of English style and conciseness.

Clarks Originals Clarks Originals

Clarks Originals is a progressive design that meets the latest fashion trends. In the creation of shoes, the archives of the company for the entire period of its existence are often used. The creative team of the brand embodies the best models in a new reading, using only premium materials. This determines the positioning of the brand in the premium market segment.

Clarks unstructured Clarks unstructured

Clarks Unstructured is a versatile footwear for active people, suitable for both traveling and for the daily urban environment. A highlight of the Clarks Unstructured collection is the exceptional Air Circulation System, which is climate-controlled for shoes. Models of this brand are also popular with representatives of the older age category.

Collection by clarks Collection by clarks

No less tech, but more enjoyable in terms of price positioning - Collection by Clarks. The collection contains laconic silhouettes, unique technology and impeccable performance. Models from this collection will appeal to representatives of the youth audience.

Cloudsteppers by clarks Cloudsteppers by clarks

Comfort, stylish design and manufacturability - all that a consumer expects from shoes is combined in one name: Cloudsteppers by Clarks. Due to the use of Tetrasoft technology inside the sole, which guarantees impeccable cushioning and amazing flexibility, the Cloudsteppers collection is popular among an older audience.

Clarks kids Clarks kids

A separate direction of the brand has become children's shoes under the brand Clarks Kids. The standards set by customers for children's shoes today are very high and Clarks is fully consistent with them. Clarks Kids shoes support the baby foot well and protect it from overload. Models have an up-to-date design and a variable color palette.

Clarks minnie mouse Clarks minnie mouse

In addition to dividing the assortment by sub-brands, Clarks achieves synergies through collaborations with the world's leading companies. The SS19 season will feature the results of a joint design experiment by Clarks and Land Rover. The combined creative team was guided by Land Rover's sustainability and sustainability principles and inspired by adventure ideas. Not surprisingly, the result is a shoe that will make you feel comfortable both in the mountains and in the metropolis. Also, interesting collaborations were implemented in the children's segment, where the following brands were partnering: National Geografic, Star Wars, Minnie Mouse, MARVEL.

Having created a number of collections for the SS19 season, addressed to different market segments, but combined with high quality and creativity, Clarks has once again confirmed its leading position in the market of comfortable shoes. Clarks is represented on the Russian market by Soho Fashion, which invites you to explore the collections of the SS19 season in its show room at the address: F. Engels St., Moscow, 75 / 11.

A new collection of this brand will be presented at the shoe exhibition. Euroshoes Premiere Collection.

Obvious fact: if a company has overcome two centuries and retained its leading position in the industry, you can learn a lot from it. Clarks has become a market leader in comfortable shoes thanks to ...
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