WORTMANN Group of Companies
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WORTMANN Group of Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world since the beginning of 2020 has presented businesses with challenges they have never faced before. The situation required an urgent restructuring of all work processes, adaptation to new, rapidly changing requirements in the face of uncertainty. The WORTMANN group of companies gave a worthy response to an unexpected challenge, a non-standard situation required non-standard solutions. The course taken by the company's management towards cardinal digitalization of business processes and support of partners has fully justified itself. Thanks to this strategy, the company was able to survive the difficult period and begin to gradually return to the previous level of sales.

Anti-crisis measures and partner support

During the pandemic, significant efforts were made by the company to maintain and strengthen relationships with partners.

One of the few in the Russian market, the WORTMANN group of companies provided significant support to its partners by providing deferred payments, postponing delivery times to more favorable times, providing discounts on existing orders, and also retained the original prices, despite the depreciation of the ruble against the euro ... An extensive program to improve the technology of servicing partners helped them survive the crisis.

After the implementation of the first package of support measures, the WORTMANN group of companies has developed a second set of activities aimed at supporting partners.

Realizing that further business development is possible only under the condition of joint fruitful work with partners, and appreciating this cooperation, in addition to an extensive anti-crisis support package, the company has developed a special CORONA-BONUS program for the Spring-Summer 2021 order season.

The main advantages of this program:

● discount on order for new partners 10%

● discount on condition of keeping the order volume 5%

● discount for timely payment of the order 2%

● preservation of the terms of the order for the next season with its balanced placement

A significant advantage of the group of companies WORTMANN today is the timely delivery of orders, as well as the development of new collections for the Spring-Summer 2021 season while maintaining a wide range of products for all brands.

Today it is especially pleasant to announce that all brands of the group of companies without exception WORTMANN will be presented at the exhibition Euro Shoes, which will be held from 25 to 28 August in Moscow.

Digital course

Adhering to the strategy of digitalization of work processes, the company is actively developing innovative online platforms. In June 2020, the WORTMANN Group of Companies took part in the virtual exhibition GARDA DAYS. After an overwhelming success (as evidenced by the number of visitors - more than 2000 people from 46 countries), it was decided to organize virtual showrooms and Brand Days for Russian partners, which will be held at the end of August. The WORTMANN group of companies will provide a convenient and modern online service for its clients.

An innovative approach to cooperation with system partners has shown excellent results, so the company plans to continue to use new strategies, expanding its presence in the digital environment.

About the WORTMANN group of companies

The WORTMANN Group of Companies from Detmold is the largest footwear company in Europe. She occupies a leading position in the market of fashionable women's shoes. Her collections are offered in more than 70 countries around the world and in more than 15 shoe stores. In addition to the main Tamaris brand, the group includes brands such as Marco Tozzi, s.Oliver Shoes, Caprice and Jana. In Asia, the group is represented by Novi Footwear Fareast Ltd. The total number of employees of the group of companies worldwide exceeds 000 people, and in total more than 1100 employees produce products for the Detmold company.

The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world since the beginning of 2020 has presented businesses with challenges they have never faced before. The situation required an urgent restructuring of all workers ...
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