Comfort is in trend. 6 models of fashionable orthopedic shoes Mobils
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Comfort is in trend. 6 models of fashionable orthopedic shoes Mobils

We are accustomed to using the term “orthopedic shoes” as comfortable shoes, and the fashion and style of a model go by the wayside. As a result, consumers have to choose which pair to buy: beautiful and uncomfortable or old-fashioned and comfortable. But, there are exceptions to any rule! The French brand of orthopedic shoes Mobils is able to combine convenience and functionality with a fashionable design and produces models that correspond to the latest trends. To verify this, just look at the latest, current collection of the brand spring-summer 2019.

1. Light and weightless

The unconditional trend of several fashionable seasons in a row. White color in shoes remains one of the most sought after by customers, as must have shoe retail at all times - black. The white and almost weightless Mobils leather sandals are the perfect choice for those women who value compatibility and comfort. In this model, this is achieved due to the rubber sole, cork insole and genuine leather lining. All this tells us one thing - ease of walking is ensured, the rules of impeccable style are taken into account.

2. Soft nude and fashionable leopard

This combination of prints, decor and textures are favorite details in the latest collections of many eminent designers. The basic pink and beige tone of the top of these sneakers (also called “nude color”) goes well with any type of leather. It remains in trend for several seasons due to its versatility. A lightweight EVA sole and removable orthopedic insole create the necessary cushioning and comfort, which is supported by the integrated SOFT-AIR air circulation system. A unique development by Mobils, the SOFT-AIR system allows the foot to “breathe” and softens the load on the spine and joints of the legs during long-term walking.

3. Everyday Sneakers

Elegant geometry and a combination of leather textures look very natural in the design of these sneakers. The presence of contrasting colors and a light basic tone make this model memorable. It is made of genuine leather, lightweight and comfortable, with a soft inner lining and flexible rubber outsole. These sneakers are designed for dynamic individuals who prefer travel and outdoor activities.

4. Sport and ecology

Modern and versatile sandals with Velcro closure will be appreciated by sports lovers who prefer high-quality and natural materials, and do not compromise on comfort. The upper of the shoe is made of nice leather, the insole is made of natural cork, the sole is made of EVA. The secret of easy walking has been revealed by Mobils!

5. Embossed soles

Creating this model in sport-casual style, designers and technologists of Mobils made it as much as possible among a wide range of consumers. Fashionable embossed sole in these sandals gives the legs greater stability, does not slip and softens the load when walking. The striking design is confirmed by fittings in the form of neat buckles. Also, sandals can boast of an ultra-soft leather lining, a removable cork-based insole and the presence of an integrated SOFT-AIR system that creates additional cushioning when walking and provides air circulation.

6. Rhinestones and soft coral color

Everyone knows how comfortable wedge shoes are, and rhinestones and soft pink are always appropriate in the design of women's summer shoes. Wide straps made of nice genuine leather with rubberized inserts gently wrap around the ankle, a cork insole neatly fixes the foot, and the sole made of natural rubber provides the required lightness and cushioning. Thus, Mobils sandals are comfortable in design and fit perfectly on the foot. They are designed for stylish and vibrant women who care about their health.


Orthopedic shoes of the French manufacturer Mobils are suitable for people with problematic legs and increased fullness. The brand is unique in that, in addition to the necessary comfort, it offers its customers a wide range of models of current design and various colors. The brand produces shoes only from genuine leather.

Representatives of the company invite their partners to visit the production of Mobils shoes in France! For all questions, you can contact the commercial director of Mobils in Russia (contact person Semyon Mostovoy, +33 387 23 30 92, semjon.mostovoy@mephisto.comofficial global site www.mephisto.com)

The company will present a new collection at the exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection from 26 to 29 on August 2019, stand No.4B05.

We are accustomed to using the term “orthopedic shoes” as comfortable shoes, and the fashion and style of a model go by the wayside. As a result, consumers have to choose which pair ...
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