The course is on retail development. Caprice partners plan to open new stores in the Krasnoyarsk Territory
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The course is on retail development. Caprice partners plan to open new stores in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The course is on retail development. Caprice partners plan to open new stores in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

On the pages of the magazine, in an exclusive interview, the general director of Caprice Vostok LLC Victor Kunts (No. 143, 2016 year) spoke about the business strategy of Caprice Vostok in Russia, which represents the shoes of the German brand Caprice in our country, in an exclusive interview. Today, Caprice Vostok, a system partner, individual entrepreneur, owner of the Caprice chain of stores in Krasnoyarsk, Evgeny Larionov, shares his plans for the development of the regional retail chain Caprice.

Evgeny Larionov Evgeny Larionov - System partner Caprice Vostok, individual entrepreneur, owner of Caprice chain of stores in Krasnoyarsk

Eugene, how long have you been working with Caprice, what characteristics of shoes and what conditions for partners became decisive when choosing a brand?

The first batch of Caprice brand shoes arrived at our store in Krasnoyarsk in 2007. Buyers almost immediately fell in love with Caprice shoes, they sold excellently, customers always asked when there would be a new arrival, at the end of the season we fixed small balances in the warehouse - all this was a decisive factor in choosing the Caprice brand. Then, the Russian office of the company was opened in Moscow, which is due to the start of direct supply of Caprice shoes to Krasnoyarsk. From this stage of life, a real partnership began between the retail client and the manufacturing company.

How many stores do you currently have in Krasnoyarsk?

In Krasnoyarsk, there are currently three branded stores of the Caprice shoe network. Shops are located in large shopping centers: SEC JUNE, SEC Planet, Shopping Mall on Svobodny. In addition, Caprice shoes are presented in shop in shop format in three of our stores in Krasnoyarsk. In other cities of the region, the opening of branded stores is planned in the future.

Are these single or multi-brand shoe stores? If there are multi-brands, then which brands are still represented?

Today, multi-brand store formats are relevant, of course, in the Caprice company stores a collection of the WORTMANN group of companies is presented. Additionally, such European brands as Janita, Alpina, Portania, Aaltonen, Nord, Conhpol and others.

Who are your customers, your target audience, why do customers choose Caprice shoes?

The main target audience of Caprice stores is girls and women of 25-55 years. Men's shoes account for approximately 15% of the collection formed for the season.
Our customers choose TM Caprice shoes according to three main parameters: proven brand quality, high comfort and adequate pricing policy, formed by Caprice head office.

What direction in the assortment is now the most popular in your store: classic, sport, casual? What do you expect from Caprice in the new collections?

Classic and casual are the most popular. We expect that Caprice designers will keep up with fashion, the tradition of 2016 of the year will continue in 2017, and the new collections will be bright and stylish, as before, attention will be paid to fashion details and more youth models will appear.

Are there any plans to open a new store this year and when?

Yes, there are plans to open the fourth Caprice store as soon as a suitable site is found or freed.

How do you rate the results of your collaboration with Caprice?

Caprice company for us is a reliable, stable and trusted supplier of shoes, a friend and a business partner with a capital letter. We hope that we will build the future together.

How do you develop your retail business, what do you do to increase the efficiency of stores? What support is this from Caprice?

Our development strategy is an optimism strategy, we always try to keep up to date, we grind the assortment matrix, constantly train staff and management staff, remove advertising stories about Caprice stores. For each season we plan a full-fledged advertising company, which is supported by the Caprice head office, we independently produce videos, for this we have our own photo studio. Now we are introducing a completely new loyalty program, participating in competitions. For example, in the Planeta shopping and entertainment center in the New Year's design contest, the Caprice store took first place in the categories “Best New Year's Showcase” and “The Most Creative New Year Tree”.   

What are the benefits of working with Caprice?

The main advantages include the following: meeting production deadlines, working to improve the logistics system, advertising support for stores and conducting specialized training for sellers.

What prospects do you see for the development of your company?

We see prospects in expanding the Caprice chain of stores, all the more so since 2017 is a jubilee year for us, we have been selling shoes of the German brand CAPRICE for 10 years.

On the business strategy of the company “Caprice Vostok” in Russia, representing in our country the shoes of the German brand Caprice, on the pages of the magazine, in an exclusive interview, the general ...
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