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Fashion and more

Just Couture - “only fashion” - the new name for shoe stores that will open very soon in several regions of Russia. The brand itself is owned by Max Distribution and, in fact, is a franchise project, however, some characteristics make it unique for the Russian market

The Max Distribution company exclusively represents in our country the interests of several European brands in the price range "medium plus" and "premium". Over the three years of operation, the company has taken a strong enough position on the Russian market to take another step towards the development of distribution. The study of the buyers' needs has clearly shown how much they need a single concept of a multi-brand store. The expansion of the assortment range of the company pushed to the same decision. This is how the idea was born to create a franchise program to further promote the brands represented and consolidate their positions in the market. The idea was considered from all sides, preliminary calculations showed that the business really has good prospects, and the decision to launch a new project was made. Today the franchise offer has been fully developed, the concept of the store is ready, and the economic component has been calculated. Negotiations are already underway with the first partners to open flagship salons.

Flexibility and variability

The concept is based on a simple idea of ​​opening a store in every city of Russia, where a buyer with an average income can buy fashionable, unusual, trendy shoes of European brands at European prices. Naturally, the store should be profitable, and since the program is primarily focused on the Russian regions, the proposed partnership terms are very flexible and can easily vary. Moreover, Max Distribution specialists are ready to seek a compromise and meet their customers halfway. Now potential partners are offered three options for cooperation. First, the traditional franchise. Second, direct management stores. In this case, all the costs of opening and maintaining the store are borne by Max Distribution, and the client acts as a manager, receiving a percentage of sales. And the third option is a partnership, when all expenses and income are divided in half.

For regional partners wishing to join the project, discounts are provided - both for the very entry into the franchisee club and for the volume of orders. The franchise program also provides for the possibility of exclusive rights to work under the Just Couture brand in a city or region.

Concept and range

When developing the concept of the store, the designer was faced with a difficult task: to create an intelligent, comfortable interior that would favorably emphasize all the advantages of the presented shoes and accessories. The result is interesting: a mixture of classics, hi-tech and minimalism has given rise to an amazing style, into which the presented brands fit very organically. Currently, Max Distribution's portfolio includes 7 brands from Italy, Great Britain, France and the USA: United Nude, Jean Michel Cazabat, ASH, Le Saunda, Luxury Rebel, JC Collezione and HCS. And one of the conditions of the franchise program - all of them must be present in Just Couture stores. However, if the client has such a desire, he can add other European brands of the same price segment, but no more than 20-30%. The assortment line, of course, will strongly depend on the retail space and the region, however, according to preliminary calculations, in a showroom with an area of ​​100 sq. m 300-360 models should be presented.

Hall layout and equipment

For the decoration of the store materials are used mainly in monochrome. And visually the interior is saturated through the use of various textures and textures of materials: glossy and matte painted planes, textured plaster, veneered elements, mirror and glass surfaces.

The floors are made of two types of porcelain stoneware: the central part is recruited from light textured porcelain stoneware with deck laying and is framed by dark plain porcelain stoneware with a glossy surface.

Trading equipment is designed in accordance with the general stylistic context. For the convenience of planning, there are both wall-mounted and free-standing structures. The central part of the trading floor can be filled with non-standard modular elements. With their help, you can create a variety of combinations: for fitting, multilevel calculations and for storing accessories.

Facade advertising structures are concisely solved and are a combination of an L-shaped box made of a dark glossy composite and the base of the logo is made of light metal. The letters of the logo are made of milk colored plexiglass with the organization of illumination. The undoubted advantage of the developed concept is its variability. Design looks great on 65 square. m, and on 120. In addition, the client, depending on their financial capabilities, can choose materials and equipment more expensive and cheaper, while the overall style will not suffer at all.

Good partner

The company is looking for partners primarily among shoe makers or people working in an adjacent business; among those who have experience in trade, experience in personnel management, and, of course, experience in communicating with regional authorities. Potential partners should know the local market and be able to work on it. But at the same time, the company is ready to work with those entrepreneurs who have never been involved in the sale of shoes or clothes, but are ready to try their hand at this field.

Requirements for retail space are also variable. In most regions, franchisors are primarily interested in premises in large shopping centers, although, for example, in Yaroslavl, on the contrary, the stake is on street retail. The same goes for sizes. Ideally, the store Just Couture should occupy 100-120 square. m, but at the moment in St. Petersburg the area of ​​65 sq. m in one of the best shopping centers.

Economic strategy

The business strategy developed by Max Distribution assumes that the payback period for one store will be 1 year. The proposed concept is aimed not at a mass audience, but at a certain segment of buyers, which today, surprisingly, is bypassed by the market's attention. These are people who are not ready to buy the cheap shoes that most wear, but the premium segment is expensive for them. And in Just Couture, they can find interesting models for themselves at affordable prices.

The economic calculation does not imply large inventory balances. The company believes that it is better to lose profit than to lose on surplus. And if usually in the shoe business the balance of 20-25% is considered normal, then the standard adopted by Max Distribution reduces this figure to 15-20%. However, if the company itself complies with such requirements, the franchisee should also succeed.

The first flagship salon Just Couture will open its doors to customers in March next year. However, the name of the city in which it opens, while being kept secret. In any case, the fate of the project SR will be watched closely.


The budget for opening a company store on 1 sq. m

Construction part - $ 150-250

Design, shop equipment - $ 250-300

Signboard, showcase (in full) - up to $ 4000

Merchandise filling 1500-1800 $ (depending on the season and area of ​​the room).


Target audience of stores: 20-50 years

Target audience: 30-45 years, income per person in the family - $ 1500-2000

Women - 75%, men - 25%

Just Couture - “only fashion” - the new name for shoe stores that will open very soon in several regions of Russia. The brand itself is owned by Max Distribution and, in fact, is ...
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