The first Tamaris in Moscow
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The first Tamaris in Moscow

The first monobrand store of the German brand Tamaris opened in Moscow in November 2010 of the year. This is the eighth branded store in Russia, it is also planned to open three in the first half of the 2011. We talked about the opening of the first monobrand Tamaris boutique in Moscow with Oksana Dekhtyar, Director of Retail Development.

- Why did you choose the Gagarinsky shopping center to enter Moscow?

- It has a favorable location: the center of Moscow, the lack of competition in the first coverage area, you can get there either by public or by personal transport. Our hopes were also connected with the region: there is a high population density and a worthy target audience.

- What are the results of the first month? Have you had a lot of buyers?

- Our store opened on November 17 simultaneously with the opening of a shopping center. Satisfied with the results. Our store is very well located - on the second floor next to the main escalator. Now the Moscow City Hall is discussing the construction of a ground crossing. And if it is built, then the entrance to the store will be just opposite the passage. In addition, the center’s anchor tenant is Auchan, the largest supermarket in Europe, so that the influx of customers is not weakening. By spring, the company’s website in Russian will be fully operational, where current and future collections, promotions, discounts will be presented in detail - it will support the work of this and other stores. By the way, we are already looking for a room for the second Moscow monobrand, larger in size. Plans for the future to open another 3-4 store in the capital.

- What is the concept of the design of the store?

- Despite the relatively small size, the store’s space is functional. Advertising media, shelving, even mirrors - everything is mobile. Changing visual merchandising, for example, for a new collection takes no more than an hour.

Each model stands on a separate shelf of the rack, behind it are boxes with models of different sizes, on the box there is always a photo of the model and the article to facilitate the search.

The central place in the interior design is taken by a photograph of a girl model whose makeup matches the color scheme of the season. This winter dominated by golden tones, which continue in the golden flickering of Christmas balls, gift boxes, banners. Gold paint painted bamboo in vases and palm leaves. The Moscow representative office regularly provides all replaceable printed and advertising products to us on time, and we only need to change it, which is not difficult and does not require much time.

Plasma screens spin the company's commercials. The store has its own radio, where modified songs of famous artists sound. For example, Lady Gaga in the new hit Alejandro hits the chorus to Tamaris instead of her lover.

- How did you recruit store staff?

- Since the store has a new format, the rotation of goods and POS materials is very fast, respectively, and sellers should be young, energetic, always with experience in the shoe industry, with a good appearance and competent speech.

- What is the attractiveness of shoes for consumers?

- Remaining faithful to the advertising slogan “Steps and feel freedom - steps to feel free”, Tamaris develops two areas of work: technological improvement and an up-to-date design that matches the latest fashion trends. Tamaris shoes use the DUO TEX membrane, which simultaneously allows the foot to breathe and at the same time does not let moisture in, repels water and protects from wind. To make the shoes comfortable and practical, the holding patented the technology of the heel with shock-absorbing properties - AntiShokk, an internal stabilizer and pneumatic chambers are built into the heel.

- What is the target audience of the brand?

- Each model line of the collection has its own recognizable style, features, characteristics. The main lines are: Classic - a segment for successful women who prefer classics, who love fashion and attach great importance to quality; Trend and Active - for young, energetic women who prefer an aggressive, extravagant style in clothes and shoes. They will also be interested in one of the brand’s steps - execution of models in the fashionable “grunge”, which again is considered very relevant. Thus, Tamaris covers the target audience of women aged 20 to 45 years.

- Is there a difference in the preferences of European and Russian audiences?

- Manufacturers provide a single collection for the European and Russian market. After the opening of the Russian representative office in the collection, preferences of our market began to be more seriously taken into account. For example, in the future collection by 50% the number of models with natural fur and wool will increase.

The first monobrand store of the German brand Tamaris opened in Moscow in November 2010 of the year. This is the eighth branded store in Russia; three more are planned to be opened in the first half of the 2011. About…
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