To the Future - with Francesco Donni
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To the Future - with Francesco Donni

The crisis years are the time of opportunity. If the business is stable, it can take a large share of the market. One of the examples of well-known shoe brands that not only stayed afloat, but also constantly increasing their geography and sales volumes is Francesco Donni, a Russian brand with 30 years of experience in the footwear and clothing industry. Francesco Donni is one of the well-known networks in the country, which has long established itself in the market as a reliable, stable company, minimally exposed to risks caused by economic instability.

The growth of sales in the company, even in times of crisis, is associated with high standards of branded products: clothes, shoes and accessories of the brand must be unique and exclusive, reflect high fashion trends, be suitable for the Russian climate and harmoniously combine with each other. European technologies and design focused on the needs of the buyer, quality control and certification of goods according to Russian standards are the reasons why millions of Russians choose Francesco Donni brand shoes every year.

Francesco Donni offers a wide range of men's and women's shoes. The men's line consists of timeless classics and everyday casual, which is suitable for both office work and country walks. The women's collection has shoes for every occasion - chic high-heeled stilettos for prom or weddings, loafers or Mary Jane shoes for the office, comfortable sneakers and ballerinas for walking with a child, hiking sneakers for traveling, quilted, fisherman and puffy sandals for hot summer or vacation. The collection features shoes of diverse styles, with different heel heights, the color scheme is selected taking into account trend trends: lavender, white, blue, vanilla - the colors that remain at the peak of popularity. Each fashionista will find exactly the pair that will maximally emphasize the individuality of the image and the character of its owner.

The company offers a joint franchise business that provides financial, professional support and reduces risks to zero. One of the advantages of the partnership is the opportunity to choose the direction of work: you can choose only high-quality shoes or expand the range to include brand clothing that is positioned in the upper segment of the mass market.

Francesco Donni releases collections of clothes and shoes twice a year. The winter collection is adapted to Russian realities: the natural materials from which the shoes are made effectively retain heat, and a large model range gives a choice for any request - from over the knee boots with heels to men's sneakers. The brand's clothing allows you to remain feminine even in the cold, without choosing between beauty and warmth: knitted suits for work and school, trendy jeans, eco-leather trousers, wool sweaters, coats, down jackets and eco-fur coats. The image will be complemented by scarves, hats and gloves.

The spring-summer 2023 collection is designed in a pastel range of pure watercolor colors: pink, blue, lavender and milky. The inspiration for its creation was the Tuscan summer landscapes. The images that can be assembled from clothes convey the atmosphere of the hot south with the sea sparkling under the sun, clear skies and fragrant lavender. The mood of the Italian holidays will be supported by accessories - in the new season, a collection of silk scarves and sunglasses will appear on the brand's windows. By combining shoes, clothes and accessories, the buyer will be able to assemble a ready-made outfit in one store. A wide, regularly updated range of clothing made from natural materials, in which all major styles are represented, increases the choice. This allows you to attract more potential buyers.

Francesco Donni brand specialists train future partners - business owners - and provide them with information and consulting support. The company's experts will help in the selection and arrangement of a retail space, analyze its characteristics, and design it in accordance with the brand concept.

A distinctive feature of the design of Francesco Donni stores is a reflection of the Italian spirit of the brand, so the Colosseum is the focal point of the salon, as well as inscriptions in Italian. The main interior colors are white and branded red, which is used like a magnet in the logo and graffiti. Due to the white color in the interior there is a lot of air and light.

Commercial equipment is made in the spirit of the latest European trends in architecture and design. The showcase group “works” through the light and is not overloaded: the left side of the showcase is equipped with a digital panel, the main channel of communication with the consumer, on the right side there is a presentation of the collection’s trendy models in the form of installations. The collection is the semantic center and color accent in the composition of the hall. Much attention is paid to the display of accessories in a separate area and pointwise - on the equipment for creating kits.

All equipment is light and mobile, made of metal and glass, island modules are combined with landing zones. A variety of modular designs allow you to present the range and make interesting multi-tiered compositions with shoes, bags and accessories.

The franchisor company helps in promotion by posting information about the franchisee's store on the official website and providing a package of promotional materials for the regional market. Your store receives a tangible bonus to attract customers - participation in promotions and connection to the discount program. It is important that the training of store employees in accordance with corporate work standards is undertaken by the franchisor.

Cooperation with Francesco Donni is a great chance to start your own business without risk. By becoming a partner of the company, you get a ready-made business and do not make the mistakes of a beginner. Working with a team of Francesco Donni professionals will allow you to gain experience in running a fashion business quickly and without loss to your wallet.

The company is constantly developing its franchising business. The store organization concept is clear and easy to implement. All that is required of you is to make an effort to develop the business. The shoe business is a promising field of activity that provides a quick and large turnover of finance if your company is stable in a difficult environment. Opening a retail outlet on your own in such conditions is fraught with great risks, and choosing a proven franchise from Francesco Donni will greatly facilitate the opening of a store and its promotion, provide an up-to-date assortment and high quality service.

When thinking about starting your own business, remember that the crisis years are a time of losses: trusted suppliers leave, logistics become more complicated, trade relations are broken. But this is also a time of opportunity: the niche previously occupied by large brands is freed up, the number of free retail space is increasing. The footwear market has good dynamics and forecasts for 2023 and will be favorable for business ventures if you approach the organization of the business in a balanced way and with the reliable support of a trusted partner such as Francesco Donni.

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The crisis years are the time of opportunity. If the business is stable, it can take a large share of the market. One of the examples of well-known shoe brands that not only stayed afloat, but also constantly ...
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