Operation Christmas Time
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Operation Christmas Time

In Europe, a Christmas showcase is an event of value equivalent to a fashion show at Fashion Week. This season they are decorated by the chief designer of the company - like Lagerfeld for Chanel. The owners turn the window dressing into a show; the audience gathers for a show to open the windows of the French Printemps and Galeries Lafayette department stores. Have you heard from us about anything like this? In the Stockholm NK, four decorators start working on winter display cases in the summer. Especially for children, platforms are made to make it more convenient for them to stick their nose to the glass and look at the windows. In the Shop Design Merry Christmas project, we collected samples of the 2010 / 2011 season of Christmas showcase products - the best department stores in the world, several continents, a fantastic variety of ideas. For experience and inspiration.

Christmas showcase

New york department store Bergdorf Goodman this year decided to address the theme of time travel and created a series of compositions inspired by different eras, Wish You Were Here ("If you were here"). Behind the glass, the heroines of the Hollywood musicals of the 1940's, characters from ancient Roman mythology and futuristic objects from the first sci-fi film came to life.

Paris Printemps Store experimenting with the theme of Christmas in the castle. At the peak of popularity, graphic design elements - emblems, badges, various labels decorate all the New Year's products of the store. In the scenery of the ancient castle, each visitor will be able to find his talisman for the next year.

Linda Hewson, visual merchandising manager for London's Selfridges department store, shared her advice with those who were about to make a selling window display. Advice was received thanks to the project manager of Vitrinistika.Ru Kirill Oleinichenko.

  1. Start planning a storefront with a design concept and a budget.
  2. Always create sketches or layouts first - even before you start placing goods and racks.
  3. Determine how much space you have. Will all items go through all the doors?
  4. Decide where the main focal point will be.
  5. Determine which buyers you want to attract and what products you need to place on the window. Do these products fit the window dressing style?
  6. Make sure that the racks do not distract from the goods and do not overshadow them.
  7. Make sure that all mannequins are suitable for the selected products.
  8. Decide if you need to use labels and graphics.
  9. Choose a bright color palette.
  10. Make sure the quality of the racks is of the highest standard.
  11. Remember: often the simplest display cases are the best display cases.

By the way, it was Selfridges in 2009 that became one of the first stores to postpone the main holiday of the year to August - their Christmas store opened unusually early - 8 of August. In 2010, the department store relied on the trend of interactivity in window dressing. The game is their main theme. Huge monster dolls appeared thanks to illustrator Pete Fowler.

The same aliens came down to Harvey Nichols - men and women with Christmas-tree-headed balls live a very ordinary life: they open gift boxes, rejoice at food, measure new clothes. Not the most technically difficult idea, but spectacular, attractive and attractive. In general, everything, as economist Thorstein Veblen said a hundred years ago: it is not the goods that are consumed, but their impact on others. In the foreground is not the usefulness of a thing, but a signal of the amount spent.

Waste has been around for centuries, and to see in them only a pretense of window dressing is probably incorrect. Leaders, successful merchants and manufacturers, military and lawyers all the time resorted to non-functional expenses. At the same time, they did not indulge their whims, but acted more than sensibly - they created an impression about themselves with the help of the surroundings, and when necessary, wide gestures. Just like all department stores. Again, behind a broad gesture, there is also rigorous functionality: someone who does not produce guaranteed good products will not spend money on his publicity, because, having made a bad product recognizable, it is usually more difficult to sell it. Demonstrative spending on shop windows is the key to predictability and works on the trust of potential partners.

An example of a beautifully designed showcase

An example of a beautifully designed showcase

An example of a beautifully designed showcase

An example of a beautifully designed showcase

In Europe, a Christmas showcase is an event of value equivalent to a fashion show at Fashion Week. This season they are decorated by the chief designer of the company - like Lagerfeld for Chanel. Change of shop windows ...
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