Three shoe retail interiors that perfectly reflect the brand concept
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Three shoe retail interiors that perfectly reflect the brand concept

1. Adco Adventure Store in the German city of Freiburg presents shoes for tourism and outdoor activities. 2: The Camper Spanish shoe brand’s store in Lyon has an original laconic design in which color plays a key role, and this is very consonant with the brand’s concept and its iconic shoe models. 3: London-based Christian Louboutin boutique at Harrods luxury department store, designed by renowned British designer Lee Brum, incorporates elements of Christian Louboutin, Lee Brum and Harrods style.

1.Adco Adventure Store (Freiburg, Germany)

Everything is thought out in the interior of the Adco store in the German city of Freiburg in order to sell sports shoes and shoes for mountaineering. The Dresden design studio “Kultobjekt” created an atmosphere of adventure in this store. The interior elements seem to transfer the visitor to the bosom of nature and remind him of the specifics of outdoor activities, which require special preparation and special equipment.

The store occupies the first and basement of an old building, its area is 200 sq. meters. The first floor of the store - the basement, which previously had a refrigerated warehouse, was restored, as a result of which magnificent brickwork became visible on the walls.

Designers approached their ideas with great humor. For example, in the interior used murals depicting a forest and green meadows, on which fake figurines of sheep are attached. And although the murals are glued to the wall, and the visitor’s eyes are directed horizontally at the image, the figures of sheep are located in relation to the wallpaper at an angle of 90 degrees, so that the visitor is shown a view of the sheep from above. And several bunches of real grass that are knocked out from under the hooves of animals reinforce the 3D effect created in this way.

Other interesting elements of the interior are the glass floor, which hides underneath the mysterious underground world in the rocks, with sea stones and ferns. Among the stones, two monitors are installed, on which a video of running water from a spring is demonstrated. A visitor who walks on a glass floor is fond of the movement of water and does not notice the monitors, he is as if immersed in an illusion.

The floating staircase with steps without lifting partitions and mirror handrails was not chosen by the designers by chance. It creates the feeling of a mysterious nature trail that promises the traveler interesting discoveries. A staircase leads through a birch grove, which is partially represented in the image of the photo wallpaper, and partly created from real birch trunks. Three monitors, which are included in the general decoration, demonstrate the video on which a stormy stream flows. The stream falls down into the basement of the store, prompting the visitor to go down and see what awaits him. And below is an Internet bar with I-Pad monitors, with which a visitor can get acquainted with the range of the Adco online store, which has been paired with traditional retail for the last ten years.

The Adco store specializes in selling professional running shoes, and functionally also serves as a warehouse. A huge number of shoe models are located throughout the trading floor. Even in a pile of wooden logs that look like an element of the interior, there are drawers for storing shoes.  

2. Bright and laconic interior of the Camper store. Design by Studio McKink (Lyon, France).

One of the many Camper stores located in Lyon.

The main idea of ​​the interior design of the store was the movement - up, down, left, right. The idea of ​​movement in design is conveyed by placing a variety of stairs in the store space, bright red lines at the borders of the steps, as well as geometric graphics on the walls and floor.

In the space of pure white color, the floor, walls, stairs and ceiling are as if in the same plane. Absolute whiteness is only occasionally disturbed by the cells of shoe racks, the bases and rear panels of which are made in black.   

3. The chic interior of Christian Louboutin boutique in London's Harrods.

In May 2013, a Christian Louboutin boutique was opened at Harrods in London, the interior of which was designed by designer Lee Brum based on the landscapes of London.

The store is located in the evening wear department of Harrods and attracts attention with a beautiful arched entrance that resembles the entrance to the Covent Garden Opera House. In the center of the store are streetlights traditional for London, and the walls of the boutique are decorated with tiles of the same factory, which produces tiles for the decoration of the walls of the London Underground. Graphic images in the form of parts of the watch dial on the Big Ben tower can be seen in the shop windows.

In the design of the boutique, Lee Brum's design style features are also noticeable, for example, the presence of the master in the interior of the salon furniture, in new color options - purple, gray and dark pink, with the addition of patterned edging. As well as the master’s famous lamps - Crystal Bulbs, which adorn the boutique’s VIP room. It includes a living room with low poufs and a wall of dramatic red tiles - brand name for Christian Louboutin.

A huge wooden cabinet with many shelves and drawers contains a collection of Christian Louboutin shoes and designer sketches of models.

Broome also created glass domes for brand accessories, I-Pad cases and wallets. Thinking over the interior of the boutique, Broome was inspired by the classic Harrods architecture. The ceiling of the stucco molding, rich in details, remained unchanged for the department store, and it is he who gives the space a truly palace look.

1. Adco Adventure Store in the German city of Freiburg presents shoes for tourism and outdoor activities. 2: The Camper Spanish shoe brand in Lyon has an original, uncluttered ...
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