Exposition of shoe brands from Poland will be presented for the first time at the February Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition
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Exposition of shoe brands from Poland will be presented for the first time at the February Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition

The shoe market is actively developing and the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition with it. The organizers of the event have a great responsibility, because for most buyers this exhibition is the main working platform for writing large wholesale orders. One month is left until the next exhibition, SR is talking with the director of the exhibition Anastasia Kornilyeva about what awaits visitors and exhibitors in 2020.

Anastasia Kornilieva Anastasia Kornilieva - Director of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

In December 2019, the organizer of the exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection became a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. Members of this organization are the flagships of the Russian exhibition and fair-congress industry. Before becoming a member of the union, the company goes through a long multi-stage verification of its activities in the Membership Committee. Thanks to this, the exhibiting company, taking part in the exhibition marked with the RUEF sign, can be 100% sure that it is participating in a professional exhibition event organized in accordance with all the rules.

RUEF is an association of leading Russian exhibition organizers, owners of exhibition complexes and centers, service companies operating in the industry of exhibitions, fairs, meetings, congresses and events, as well as representatives of the exhibition business of the CIS countries. The Union was founded in 1991, since 1994 is a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - UFI.

What conclusions did the August Euro Shoes show bring to you?

At the end of each shoe season, we analyze the results and work on the quality of the service provided for the comfortable work of all participants in the event. Now the global digitalization of the business is taking place, many shoe companies are being restructured under new terms of trade. Against the background of these changes, our statistics indicate an increase in consumer demand for shoes. The forecasts we expected in August 2019 exceeded themselves - exhibitors noted an increase in orders by 30%.

The excellent organization of the Euro Shoes exhibition is one of its trump cards, it can be seen that the organizers take care of every detail, an exhibition newspaper is published in which visitors can find not only the list of exhibitors, the program of each day of the exhibition, but also a detailed map, a schedule of bus routes from hotels and metro. The working atmosphere prevailing at the exhibition suggests that representatives of the international shoe industry are eager to come to Moscow and visit Sokolniki. How will the exhibition surprise visitors in 2020?

I am absolutely sure that there can be no other atmosphere for productive work at the events. Each time, organizing the winter or summer season of Euro Shoes, we try to take into account all the nuances of the Russian climate and the specifics of visitors. Euro Shoes exhibition has already turned 11 years old, there are well-established traditions, for example, national pavilions with recreation areas and national cuisine. Everything has been done so that, in addition to the workflow, our dear guests are imbued with a cozy friendly atmosphere and literally feel the customs of other cultures. I really hope that in February 2020 we will be able to surprise Russian buyers with an exposition of Polish brands and a lounge area with national Polish treats.

In addition to the main work of the exhibition site, we will organize a business program where representatives of the shoe industry receive the most useful information as soon as possible, as speakers are fashion retail experts, specialists in sales, marketing, consulting, merchandising. We are often contacted with questions about participating in a business program, but we invite only the most interesting and sought-after speakers.

Over the years, companies mainly from countries such as Russia, Germany and Spain participated in the exhibitions. Recently, you have a well-represented Turkish and Portuguese leather industry. However, exhibitors from Poland until recently were few. What do you think is the reason for this?

In addition to the above, we also have Italian brands widely represented. As for the question about exhibitors from Poland, it is possible that now the Russian market is not as interesting for them as others. This is very strange for us, because the Polish fashion was the standard for many generations of women throughout the Soviet period. As organizers of the Euro Shoes exhibition, we are ready to discuss this issue at all levels. Especially annoying is the fact that Polish manufacturers are actually depriving themselves of the huge, millionth, and most importantly loyal, consumer market.

Please indicate 5 reasons why you should visit the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection. Which of them are the most important?

The most important reason why you should visit the Euro Shoes exhibition is our first professional exhibition event in the Russian shoe season. Simply put, the bulk of Russian buyers come to write orders for us.

The second reason: Euro Shoes is the main exhibition of European shoe manufacturers in Russia and the CIS, which does not allow Chinese or Indian factories to participate, as the organizers of other exhibitions do. We are very sensitive to our format (European shoes), and this is our uniqueness and attractiveness. This is a kind of quality guarantee both for exhibitors who are sure that the customers they need will come to the exhibition, and for buyers who come for high-quality and popular European shoes.

Third - a high level of service and information support compared to competitors. We pay great attention to the smallest organizational issues. Every time we try to improve something or come up with a new one. We offer information support to our exhibitors in the specialized media.

The fourth point, and this is our pride, is that in Russia only the Euro Shoes exhibition has a truly European level. This is confirmed by many years of cooperation with our exhibitors, representatives of famous brands, bloggers, buyers and new participants.

The fifth point is a well-thought-out organization: dividing into national pavilions and recreation areas, a business program, catering - all this allows us to create a productive working atmosphere in which it is pleasant to be and where you want to return.

How do changes in the country's shoe market affect Euro Shoes?

Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition instantly responds to all changes in the global shoe business community, to fashion trends and fluctuations in consumer demand. The Russian market is growing, imports too. We see this, based on the statistics of visits to the exhibition and feedback from exhibitors. As I mentioned earlier, in the spring-summer 2020 season, our exhibitors noted an increase in orders by 30% compared to the previous summer season. However, I want to emphasize that shoes from Europe will always be popular in Russia. The Russian consumer has developed a special trust in European shoes, which is associated with quality, strength, and durability. This is a certain constant in our mentality since the Soviet era, when women stood in queues for hours. The Russian shoe market has great potential for brands from Europe - people are actively buying them and will continue to do so.

Which of the participating countries collects the largest number of orders for their collections? Is it connected with the offer or with high brand recognition at the exhibition?

It’s impossible to say for sure, our buyers are interested in different brands. A lot of factors influence the purchase: materials, convenience, color, compliance with fashion trends, brand popularity. I can say that over the course of many seasons, the largest number of orders have been collected by brands known since Soviet times - Salamander, Gabor, Lloyd, Peter Kaiser, Hoegl, etc.

All exhibitors at Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

The shoe market is actively developing and the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition with it. The organizers of the event have a great responsibility, because for most buyers this exhibition is ...
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