Best Seller: Olga Leichenko, "Shoes of the XXI Century"
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Best Seller: Olga Leichenko, "Shoes of the XXI Century"

Olga Leichenko has been working for Doctor and Alex (Shoes of the XXI Century) for about three years. Today, Dr. Martens comes Konstantin Khabensky. However, for Olga, he is an ordinary customer, whom she helps to make a choice just like everyone else.

Every morning Olga is inspired by a cup of hot coffee with milk chocolate. Then she goes into the trading room, walks around the windows, neatly fastens the massive zippers on brutal boots and symmetrically arranges the shoes on the shelves. Waiting for the first customers, she comes to her desk, the wall near which is hung with flyers from rock concerts and various drawings left by her colleagues, and checks the availability of the necessary goods through the electronic database of the network. Despite the fact that Olga is young and very feminine, she looks great among metal racks with boots on an extreme platform with bulky spikes, zippers and buckles. Although, of course, she does not risk wearing such extreme shoes, preferring to her more familiar models from the store’s assortment.

- Olga, do you think you need to learn from the seller?

- Yes, I think that is necessary. After all, the ability to communicate is necessary to learn. Moreover, you need to know the basics of psychology, this will help to quickly position the buyer, enter into trust in him. To sell beautifully is a kind of art, but it is born at the intersection of talent and skill. Therefore, special education plays an important role in this matter. Although I personally, when right after school I entered a trade college, I did not think about a career in trade. Everything turned out spontaneously. And when she started working, she quickly got a taste. I was lucky in the sense that I immediately determined which customer was interesting to me. Understanding came when I was still working in the store of audio and video products, where young people visited more often, then in the outerwear store. It attracts me specifically to communicate with young people, helping them to choose one or another product. Therefore, in the end, I came to "Shoes of the XXI century." I must say that buyers are most often outstanding people. These are both representatives of subcultures and very famous people, for example, Sergey Zverev comes to us periodically for extreme New Rock boots, Sergey Lazarev bought concert shoes from us. Working with them is a pleasure. But, of course, we also have more familiar models that people buy from 15 to 60 years old. Although it happens and vice versa. A tall, elegant stiletto girl or an excellent boy in trousers and a sweater comes into the store, and in the end it turns out that both came for the bulky New Rock. They say that you need to go to concerts in something.

- Often, sales consultants build their own gradation of buyers, that is, divide them into types. Do you do something like that?

- I do not have such a classification. I do not select and do not select buyers, but I work with everyone. I try to talk to everyone who wants to buy. After all, when you talk with a person, there is a better chance that he will buy something. Therefore, a common language must be found with all, without exception. As a rule, you start talking about shoes, specific models or brands, and a person becomes interested, begins to look at the goods differently. But still, more often buyers come to us who already know what they want. They are well oriented in the assortment and come purposefully for a particular model.

- It is believed that there are two types of sellers: those who know how to sell a particular product, which, say, are very fond of, and those who can sell anything, regardless of their own attitude to the product. Which type can you relate to?

- Of course, most sellers are able to sell in principle. This is what education is aimed at. Even within the framework of one store, we sell not only shoes, but also cosmetics for it, as well as accessories: bags, wristbands, suspenders. Nevertheless, I like selling shoes most of all. I know so much about her and am always ready to share my knowledge. As a rule, the buyer is interested in all this, and it turns out that the more information you give him about a particular pair, the more likely it is that he will leave with the purchase.

- What difficulties did you encounter in the first stages of work?

- I can’t say that something was difficult for me. Still, I was engaged in sales before. I had a great desire to work, so I quickly delved into all the subtleties, studied the range. Of course, there was some excitement when selling the first pair. As I remember now, these were the fall boots of Dr. Martens. I'm generally lucky on Dr. Martens. They are often asked. At first, colleagues helped to answer customer questions; in our team it is customary to support each other and especially beginners. Therefore, about the options for processing leather, soles, firmware, found in models of the range, I could soon tell myself. In general, the assortment is best studied during the laying of shoes on display cases and when you correct it daily, tie the laces. Moreover, in our store a very convenient layout. We arrange models not by topic, but by brand. Accordingly, the features of each become more visual and easier to remember. But, of course, today I’m used to them, and when I first saw the New Rock studded boots and the brutal Grinders, I was shocked to say the least.

“Do you like the shoes you sell?”

- Yes, and I only buy it myself. Moreover, I also taught my girlfriend to her. I fell in love with these shoes from the very first day of work in the company. Otherwise, good sales cannot be achieved. We must love what you offer people. Of course, for myself I choose more comfortable casual models, for example, the avant-garde fashion Sabaton is not my style. Although I have some Dr. Martens boots of my favorite brown color. They are incredibly comfortable and their legs do not get tired at all.

- Teens with parents often come to your store. The former want to choose a more extreme model for themselves, and the latter react to this with caution and do not always agree with the choice of a child. How do you behave in such cases? Which side are you taking?

- As a rule, I try to tell parents about the advantages of such shoes, which are plentiful. For example, teens often pay attention to Grinders. Meanwhile, they, for example, have an excellent metal arch support, which fixes the leg and prevents flat feet from developing. Another plus is a high and durable sole that allows you to wear it at any time of the year in any locality. This should be discussed with parents, who are first scared of her. As a result, they agree and, when they understand that they will not succeed in convincing the child, they buy. But practice shows: if the parent has already come with the child to the store, then his “no” is not so categorical and subconsciously he is ready to buy. Still, it’s easier for me to work with male buyers who are not so picky and usually make quick decisions.

- How do you see your future work? What would you like to achieve? - So far I would not like to change anything in my life. At this stage, everything in her suits me. I love my job and I want to go in for shoes further.

Olga Leichenko has been working for Doctor and Alex (Shoes of the XXI Century) for about three years. Today, Dr. Martens comes Konstantin Khabensky. However, for Olga he is ...
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