Best seller: Victoria Gerasimenko, Mascotte
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Best seller: Victoria Gerasimenko, Mascotte

In the course of communication with Victoria Gerasimenko, sales consultant of the Mascotte salon in the Semyonovsky shopping center, the saying “the mouth of a baby speaks the truth” involuntarily comes to mind. Victoria, of course, has almost nothing to do with babies - except for the fact that she studies at the faculty of preschool pedagogy and psychology. However, she knows a lot about the truth. Vika is 22 years old and was recently named the best seller of the Mascotte chain Largely due to its professional principle, tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Such a flattering title was a surprise for Victoria herself. She did not think that, alternating work with studies, she could bypass other sellers in terms of performance. However, at Mascotte's head office, they evaluated not only Vicki’s ability to sell a maximum for a minimum of working hours: her desire to pursue a career in the company even after graduation was rare, and therefore valuable to such a young employee in the eyes of HR officers.

For Victoria, the interview, as well as the title of “best seller of the network”, was a new and exciting experience. Therefore, the help of the “support group” in the person of Victoria Bibikova, director of the Mascotte salon in the Semenovsky shopping center, was very useful. The director of the salon, Victoria, encouraged Vika, who was flushing, with flattering reviews, which, as soon became clear, were also completely justified.

Vika, how did you start working as a seller?

- To be honest, initially I did not want to go on sale, it happened by chance. Last year, I was in my fourth year at Moscow State Pedagogical University and was looking for work that could be combined with study. I have lectures every other day, with such a schedule it is difficult to find something. But I saw a job at Mascotte, and it became interesting for me to go for an interview. The company is familiar, I heard about it. I remember that they called me for an interview on the first of April: I was still joking - they accepted me or this is a rally. But they took me. It even happened that I got into a salon in the Semenovsky shopping center, so I only have to go to work for thirty minutes.

- What were your first impressions?

- Psychologically it was hard, of course. I had an internal barrier, because I did not know the features of the product and had never worked with people before, although I was studying to be a teacher-psychologist. But after I went through the main trainings, it became much easier. In addition, there is a very good team here, and the directors of our store are first Regina Igorevna, and after she went on maternity leave, Vika is a very good mentor and helped me a lot. I used to think that selling is so scary, so hard emotionally! But it turned out that if you know how to properly deliver the goods, then this is very simple and very interesting.

- And how to properly deliver the goods?

- The main thing is to be frank and sincere in communication. Of course, there are certain stages of sales - this is what we are taught in trainings - but personal attitude is also important. Some sellers see that the model doesn’t suit a person, but still they say that they have a discount on them or try to sell it in another way. I always say only the truth. For example, I can say to the customer: “You know, this doesn’t suit you very much, take that model better.” Yes, it happens that a person as a result does not buy what he was going to and leaves. But then the next time he comes to me for honesty, frankness and good attitude.

Says Victoria Bibikova, director of the Mascotte showroom where Vika works:

- Some buyers, by the way, go only to Vika. Call the store in advance and find out how her shift is located. And others come not only for shopping, but sometimes with gifts.

- Wow! What did they give?

“Once, a box of chocolates.” She was brought by one woman, a very pleasant, real, bright man. She has 41 size, she often comes to us and is always very upset that her size is not. He asks to order the selected model to the salon, and of course I order - this is my job. And she always thanks so much, she is glad that we specially ordered shoes for her in the salon.

- And what were the brightest moments?

- I will never forget my very first big sale for 30 thousand. This, of course, is remembered by everyone. There was another interesting point, though. We have a regular customer who often comes with her son and husband and purchases large amounts. And then one day, the next day after another large purchase, she comes alone. I was immediately worried - suddenly yesterday she didn't like the service, or something was wrong with the product. I ask: "Has something happened?" And she answers me: “No, everything is fine. I just thought ... My son is a very wealthy young man. Maybe you would like to make friends with him? You are such a nice girl, you communicate so well, and your son really likes ... ”I was so surprised that I could not even find an answer!

- How do you communicate with complex customers?

- There are those who come to the store because they have no one to talk to, and they deliberately say unpleasant things to the seller in order to quarrel. After all, sellers are open people, and this kind of scandal is alluring. With such clients, I try to transfer the conversation to another topic. And there are people who just really doubt the quality, but still really interested in the product. I tell them a lot about the benefits and benefits.

Victoria Bibikova, Director of Mascotte Salon:

- Vika is such a person that she tries to translate any sharpness that she is told as a joke. She takes criticism so easily that someone who has just told her something unpleasant can no longer be angry with her. I really appreciate this on Vika, because usually people respond negatively with a negative, and there are very few people like her.

- What qualities have you discovered in yourself during your work?

- Oddly enough, sociability. I didn’t think that I would work in sales, or that I would communicate with people so intensively. And when I began to develop professionally in this area, I really liked it: every day I discover something interesting in people.

“Have you already worked out your secret on how to tune in to work when you are in a bad mood?”

- I noticed that when a buyer arrives, in communicating with him a bad mood leaves itself. I just tune in to the same wave with the person and get distracted from my problem. The music that plays in our salon also helps me.

- Do you plan to stay in the sales field?

- Of course! We have a lot of career opportunities at Mascotte. While I am a seller, but I want to develop further. And not even necessarily in the position of a sales consultant, but maybe in the personnel department of our company. There is also a lot of communication, but it is close to me by profession as a psychologist.

- What do you do at your leisure?

- I have practically no days when I am completely free, because when I have a day off at work, I study. But if there is a free hour or two, I like to play the piano: I have been making music since childhood, this is my outlet. I play when I am in a bad mood, and when a good one. Since childhood I have been drawing, singing, and in college I was engaged in aerobics and participated in theatrical productions - when we staged the play Mademoiselle Mitusch, I was even in the main role!

- How do you apply your acting skills now?

- When you do not want to offend, and you have to trick. Except in those cases when the model does not fit, then I cannot lie at all. If I see that the shoes are not sitting very well, I’d better work longer with the person, will bring him more models. This is better than if a person comes home and consults with someone, and either returns the purchase, or simply never comes back. 

In the course of communication with Victoria Gerasimenko, sales consultant of the Mascotte salon in the Semyonovsky shopping center, the saying “the mouth of a baby speaks the truth” involuntarily comes to mind. Victoria, of course, ...
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