Male Buyer: A Guide for Retailers
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Male Buyer: A Guide for Retailers

The men's holiday is approaching - February 23, and for retailers - this is a great chance to revive sales again. What features of the behavior of male buyers should be considered when considering holiday promotions?

According to GFK, the average check for men, unlike women, is 30% higher, but the return index is 90% higher. So sellers should more carefully determine the individual needs of the buyer and offer only what he really needs.

At the same time, men are interested in sales no less than women. The WSL Strategic Retail company came to such conclusions in its study. According to their polls, 63% of men when shopping are always looking for sales and 54% buy goods at a discount for future use. At least 50% of men use discount coupons and are ready to cover a long distance for the sake of discounts. About 80% of men participate in retailer loyalty programs, 73% receive newsletters by e-mail and about 70% constantly read reviews of new products and recommendations.

Unlike women who like group shopping with friends and family, men are more likely to go shopping alone and appreciate the speed and quality of service. It is also important to keep in mind that men, especially young people, are much more likely than women and girls to make purchases through online stores, use mobile apps for shopping, ask for prices using their smartphones and download apps for retail stores.

Nevertheless, the final decision to purchase in 43% of married couples is still made by the woman. Research by the Pew Research Center shows that the last word remains with the man in only 26% of cases.

The men's holiday is approaching - February 23, and for retailers this is a great chance to revive sales again. What behavioral features of male buyers should be taken into account when thinking over holiday ...
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