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The third dimension, or How to increase sales

The first secret on the business program of the “Obuv. The world of leather ”, said Sergey Kapustin, director of the Mokselle agency, was practically a Punchinelle's secret. Measurement, measurement and measurement again. Business owners know this secret, but for some reason they don't use it. Perhaps because we do not like simple things. Or because the French invented the bicycle, and out of a sense of national pride, we want to do it ourselves again. At least in the field of management. Sergei Kapustin, however, insisted that the basic principles of attracting and retaining customers are already known, their effectiveness has been proven, and it is better to spend your energy on improving working systems.

Sales funnel

SR77_Chelovechesky-Factor_secret_service_1.jpgTo understand how successful or not very successful a store is, you need to find out what criteria can be used to determine efficiency. The most obvious criterion is that the number of checks is not always sufficient.

Unfortunately, few shop owners measure the "sales funnel." That is, the number of people who pass by the store but don’t enter, and the number of visitors who enter the store. And these are key indicators in order to understand why customers leave your store without shopping, how this or that promotion worked for you, or whether a sale announcement is passing by people.

You can measure how many people entered the store with the help of counters or by inviting for literally one month a person who will record the number of visitors every day during a certain period.

Retail formula

Sales are equal to the number of customers times the average purchase. It is simple and obvious.

Average purchase is an average check multiplied by the number of customers. Knowing these figures, you will understand how many times the buyer made a purchase from you and how much he usually leaves.

According to statistics, customers do not return, not because they did not like the quality of the product or service, but simply because they do not remind themselves of themselves. Communicate more often - this is also obvious.

How else can you increase sales?

The first thing that comes to the minds of the owners is to give more advertising. However, advertising messages are now suffering from monotony, so people stop perceiving it. Of course, if you work on the accuracy of your message, on the correspondence of form and content, then - yes, it will be effective. But advertising alone is not enough. We must act in a comprehensive manner: change the motivation system, train sellers, work with an average check, often remind customers of themselves.

Trade area map

SR77_Chelovechesky-Factor_secret_service_2.jpgThis is a fairly practical tool that allows you to redirect customer flows to your store.

How to do it? Go to the "Maps" section of the Google search engine, mark your area (this method is especially effective in the regions), upload a map in the area of ​​two or three kilometers from your store and draw a map of your territory. To do this, mark your store on the map, mark the main streets, identify intersections with greater traffic and put your billboards in one or more corners. All the salt is to turn billboards with outdoor advertising from ordinary image advertising into signs. It’s elementary - put a billboard, draw an arrow on it and write “Great shoes are waiting for you through 500 meters”. Another option - in the most traveled places you can put a promoter.

But the possibilities of the card are not limited to this. The next step is to mark the locations for affiliate sales. You can go to the nearest shops, exchange business cards, advertising brochures, meet colleagues. “Hello, we are your neighbors, we want to become your partners” - this phrase is very effective. Mutual advertising is simple and amazingly effective. You can arrange your exhibition stand in the partner’s store in exchange for his advertisement in your own. You can put coupons for discount partners when buying in a package.

A few words about the promoters. Boys-girls-students are passive and hardly effective. But if it is a seller from the market, then this method of attracting visitors will work much better. A certain number of customers sew him, but he takes some by the hand and leads him to the store.

Motivation board

It really is just a board. From plywood or plastic - it does not matter. The main thing is that you can draw rulers with cells on it. As soon as someone has sold something, you immediately paint over the corresponding cell. Then both you and your sellers will have obvious and visual results of the work. Suppose, Sasha today sold at 3 thousand rubles, and Masha at 5 thousand. In addition, such a board is a very strong motivator.

Naturally, good results should be encouraged. The title "Seller of the Month", going to the cinema, extra day off ... The incentive system does not have to be expressed only in money. Find out the needs of your salesperson, and based on them, build a motivational program. The main thing to remember is that good sales are like random discoveries - made only by well-trained people.

The first secret on the business program of the exhibition “Obuv. The world of leather ”, shared the director of the agency Mokselle Sergey Kapustin, it was practically a secret ...
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