Paris Commune Factory: Quality Above All!
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Paris Commune Factory: Quality Above All!

Moscow shoe factory "Paris Commune" From the day of its foundation, it has been attentive to the quality of its shoes This is proved by the popular brands of the factory - Elegami children's shoes and Riconte adult shoes. We decided to find out how the work on quality control is being carried out at the factory, from the Deputy General Director for Production Management Ivan Ruslanovich Tatarchuk.

SR: How to launch a quality control system in the shoe industry?
The main difficulty in the implementation of quality management systems in the shoe industry is associated with a description of the production processes of products from natural materials. For shoe production, this is leather. Each of its sections has a unique topography. The deformation-strength properties of the leather are normalized, but since this is a material of natural origin, the spread can be up to 50% of the average. This complicates the formalization process, requires the use of statistical models and complex expert systems. In one operation, decisions must be made within seconds.

SR: How do you monitor product quality in your production?
Instead of the service of quality control and technical control at the Paris Commune factory, a Quality Management Department was organized with several structural divisions.

SR: What does quality control in the Paris Commune include?
Quality control includes three steps and can be represented as the following formula:

  • incoming quality control is about 70% of success;
  • interoperational control - 20%;
  • output control - only 10%.

Incoming inspection is a physical and mechanical test of all materials, quality certificates for chemical composition. Separately, additional tests are carried out for the content of fat, chromium, etc. The purpose of interoperational control is to verify compliance with technological regimes, rules for storage and packaging of products between all factory operations. The output control is, first of all, the build quality of the workpiece (filament seams), the implementation of protracted operations, gluing the sole.

As for the output control, we have a system of in-house “quality days”. During this period, quarterly results for operational quality management are being summed up: results of incoming control, work on requests for corrective and preventive actions, volumes of return for correction.

SR: What do you do if you return?
For each return case, corrective measures are taken for suppliers of materials, production departments, engineering services. If it is a marriage, we find out all the possible causes and analyze all stages of production.

SR: Tell us about the test centers in the Paris Commune group of companies.
Currently, there are two of them: one (physical and mechanical tests) - in Moscow, the second - at a subsidiary in the city of the Don Tula region. Testing centers are used for both input and output laboratory control. All indicators are fixed by us.

SR: What confirms the laborious work of quality control?
Confirmation is a quality mark. Recently, it received men's shoes produced by our factory, the article 1-12950801. I’ll quote from the official website of Roskachestvo (roskachestvo.gov.ru) about the results of checking our shoes:
“According to the results of laboratory tests, this product was recognized as high-quality, as it corresponded not only to the mandatory requirements of the law, but also to the leading standard of Roskachestvo.”

More information about brands and products of the factory can be found on the websites parcom.ru и pk-zarya.ru.

The Moscow shoe factory "Paris Commune" from the day of its foundation has been attentive to the quality of its shoes. This is also proved by the popular brands of the factory - Elegami children's shoes and adult ...
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