From here to eternity
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From here to eternity

Italian footwear is considered the best in the world because it is a mix of a long history, modern know-how and great passion. In any case, Vito Artioli, chairman of the Italian Association of Footwear Manufacturers (ANCI), says: “Experience, technology and love are very important, but equally important is that our shoes are created in a free society. We have the freedom to create. " In September, freedom of creativity was complemented by freedom of choice - more than one and a half thousand companies showed their new collections at the traditional International Exhibition of Shoes and Accessories MICAM, which brings together the world's leading shoe manufacturers twice a year in Milan.

The exhibition, which brings together manufacturers of expensive and very expensive footwear, has once again confirmed its leading position in the international market. “We have the right product in the right city and on the right dates,” emphasizes Vito Artioli. “That is why manufacturers and buyers from all over the world meet at MICAM. The decision to postpone the start of the exhibition to Sunday turned out to be quite justified - the number of Italian buyers who came to the exhibition on that day increased compared to last year. "

After two years of continuous losses and massive factory closures, Italian companies are back on the wing. After a long time of depression, the faces of their clients lit up with smiles again. “We are pleased not only by the growing number of visitors, although this is a very important factor, but also by the growing number of orders,” said the ANCI chairman. “At this exhibition, we noted another interesting fact - the consolidation of brands represented by buyers”.

The Artioli booth has a huge poster of Hollywood producer Billy Walder. The poster reads: "To my friend Vito Artioli: my sincere thanks for making the transition from here to eternity convenient." “Billy is producing a lot of Hollywood actors,” says Vito Artioli, director of the company, who, in his honorary chairmanship, is also committed to business interests. “He tells them:“ You have to wear Artioli shoes because their creators believe that shoes are a mirror of a man’s soul. ”

Indian entrepreneur Amirali Jaffer, having entered the company's stand, rated the shoes very highly. Vito Artioli smiled and remarked to her: “I can give good advice to all Indian women. If you see a man in India wearing Artioli shoes, immediately marry him. " The advice is not so much advertising as practical: in India the price of a pair of Artioli boots starts from 60 thousand rupees, in Europe it ranges from 1000 to 3000 euros. This means that the buyer of shoes is at least a well-to-do person. Very soon, there will be more fans of Italian shoes in India: despite extremely high protective duties (customs import duty on shoes is 60%), Artioli plans to open a boutique in Mumbai. He motivates the choice very simply: "The number of millionaires in Mumbai is growing faster than anywhere else." However, he adds: “But if you want to save money, come to Dubai for shopping, where we sell shoes in duty-free, and it’s cheaper at retail.”

"Of course, we hoped that this season the results will please us, but they exceeded our wildest expectations." These words could be heard at almost all stands. And this suggests that even the luxury segment, which sank more than others during the crisis, is reviving again.


The total area is 70 sq. m

Number of participants - 1592 companies, including 585 from abroad

Number of participating countries - over 100

The number of visitors - 42 300, including 21 thousand people from abroad (+ 6,2% compared to 2009)

Italian shoes are considered the best in the world because it is a mix of long history, modern know-how and great passion. In any case, so says the chairman of the Italian Association of Manufacturers ...
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