Federation Council approves amendments to the Tax Code
26.11.2014 3723

Federation Council approves amendments to the Tax Code

Last week, the State Duma adopted a draft law on the introduction of trade fees in Russia, which are proposed to impose on trade organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade, with the exception of those who have considered buying a patent more profitable.

The authors of the bill and the Moscow authorities assured that this would not entail an increase in the tax burden, referring to the fact that the amount of the tax paid could reduce the payment of other taxes. Business argued that the authorities are cunning, and the introduction of the levy is essentially a forced transfer of business to imputed payments that are not profitable for those with small profits.

A group of State Duma deputies from the LDPR faction also sent an appeal to the Federation Council to reject the bill on the introduction of local trade fees.

“We believe that in the context of the economic crisis, aggravated by a difficult geopolitical situation, a fall in oil prices, a decrease in the real disposable income of the population and consumer demand, the introduction of additional taxes and fees will significantly worsen the conditions for small businesses, and ultimately all the costs associated with By paying a new fee, they will be transferred to the population, ”the letter says.

The head of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, on Monday proposed banning tax increases for businesses, explaining this by difficult working conditions in the face of economic sanctions.

“In my opinion, a moratorium is needed in these conditions to increase the tax burden on all types of business,” Matvienko quoted TASS at the parliamentary hearings. She also stressed the need to provide business with affordable financial resources and accelerate the transition of the Russian economy to a model based on “internal sources of growth”.

Despite Matvienko’s speech against increasing the burden on business, senators plan to approve this document, a source close to the upper house told RBC. The bill on the introduction of fees appears on the draft agenda of the Federation Council meeting today, November 26 as an amendment to the Tax Code to improve tax administration.

Last week, the State Duma adopted a draft law on the introduction of trade fees in Russia, which it is proposed to impose on trade organizations and individual entrepreneurs trading, for ...
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