Turkish shoes are coming. Turkish manufacturers increase sales in Russia
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Turkish shoes are coming. Turkish manufacturers increase sales in Russia

Sales volumes of Turkish shoes in the Russian market have been steadily growing for the last 2 years - in 2017-2018. New brands of shoes, bags and other leather goods appear on our market, expansion from Turkey will continue in the 2019 year, market experts predict. At the February exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, which will be held in the pavilions No. 4 and 4.1 of the Sokolniki Exhibition Center from 25 to 28 on February this year, there will again be a large area of ​​Turkish manufacturers. This is the third exhibition at which the footwear sector of Turkey's light industry is widely represented. The participation of Turkish companies in Euro Shoes is officially supported by the Turkish government. The upcoming exhibition will be attended by about 30 companies that will present brands of shoes, bags and accessories to Russian buyers of 36. These will be the collections of the fall-winter season 2019 / 20.

The idea of ​​creating a large zone of Turkish manufacturers in the Euro Shoes exhibition space was born in 2017, when a working meeting of the organizers of Euro Shoes and representatives of the largest Turkish shoe companies took place, in particular, Erkan Demir, director of Eksposhoes Istanbul, and Erkan Zandar, owner and manager of the Turkish factory Zandar. The negotiations were very productive, and it was decided to form a single space in one of the exhibition halls, combining Turkish exhibitors with their own welcome zone, including reception and national catering.

Many of the brands represented at Euro Shoes are well-known not only in Turkey, but also in European markets. Now they are in Russia. The exhibition organizers hope that the cooperation between Russian and Turkish entrepreneurs will be long-term and effective, especially since the Russian market is one of the priorities for Turkey: the number of Turkish companies and products presented in Russia is constantly growing. A stereotype has long developed in the minds of Russian consumers: the Turks sew high-quality shoes from good materials, primarily from genuine leather. This factor also plays a positive role in the growth of sales of Turkish shoes in Russia.

Turkish shoes coming soon on AliExpress

Turkish goods are considered one of the highest quality, especially when it comes to clothing and shoes. It will soon be possible to purchase them not only in Russian stores, but also online through AliExpress: the largest market place announced that in the near future it will begin to sell goods not only from China, but also from Europe and Turkey. The company recently acquired a major Turkish retailer, Trendyol, which specializes in clothing. So far, AliExpress has been selling only Chinese-made goods, but it is obvious that it is necessary to expand the brand portfolio at the expense of other countries, and Turkey is one of the first places on this list, as it produces high-quality goods. The company has already agreed with the Turkish partners on the supply of goods. In the local markets of Turkey, as well as India, Japan, Korea, Israel, there are many strong players who produce high-quality goods, but they do not go to Russia with it. It is on them that the emphasis will be placed in online trading, we are talking about companies with a turnover of $ 1 billion per year.

Turkey is one of the largest producers of consumer goods in the world, and Turkey’s capabilities are not limited only to the fashion segment, market experts are sure. But we are just in the first place interested in the production of fashionable products, in particular, shoes.

The secret to fashion success with Made in Turkey label

Turkey's light industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Using the example of this sector of the economy, one can clearly trace how the combination of various approaches and the skillful strategy of the government of the country ultimately lead to rapid development of the industry.

The state actively supports small and medium-sized producers, undertakes the organization of regional exhibitions, finances national and international advertising campaigns, the participation of Turkish companies in foreign exhibitions, partially or fully compensating them for their costs of exhibition events. The Turkish government also provides support to Turkish manufacturers participating in Euro Shoes, thanks to which companies can pursue a more flexible pricing policy by offering Russian buyers

relevant, high-quality collections at competitive prices.

One of the main components of success for the active growth of Turkish light industry is precisely the implementation by the government of the country of special programs for the free development of medium and small enterprises. Enterprises of this format produce a significant share of the total output in the light industry sector. The government implements special support programs:

  • free development of small and medium enterprises in the textile and light industry, international and domestic trade in consumer goods;

  • public-private partnership in the field of large business;

  • the formation of developed infrastructure for sectoral development, primarily in a cluster format.

A sound state policy for many decades (starting from the 50 of the last century) gives excellent results: Turkish enterprises producing clothes and shoes are well-equipped factories with highly qualified personnel. Their products - ready-made clothes, shoes and accessories - competitive products that consistently occupy significant niches in world markets.

The main goal was to enter international markets. Turkish goods were exported mainly to Germany, and from there to Europe and the United States. In addition to official trade, the volume of informal shuttle trade with Russia and countries of Eastern Europe grew. Over the 90s of the 20 century, thanks to a threefold increase in domestic investment in the light industry sector, Turkey began to control 3,5-4% of the global clothing market, retaining the rank of one of the six largest clothing exporters in the world. Shoemakers always reached for clothing manufacturers, not wanting to lag behind them.

The creation of textile-sewing and shoe clusters, which ensured effective horizontal interconnections, and easy access to world markets made it possible to form a cohesive export-oriented industry based on the activities of many small private firms and large public companies. Since the beginning of the 1990-ies in Turkey, a system of complex subcontracts has been operating that provides the most effective and profitable synergistic effect from the interaction of large and small companies.

The export-oriented industry development program adopted for implementation in 2000 was based on three pillars:

  1. Modernization of fixed assets, primarily technological equipment.

  2. Organization of modern production and management.

  3. Further training of production personnel.

Over the past 20 years, Turkey’s share in deliveries to the world markets of light industry products, in particular, footwear and leather goods, has grown tenfold, bringing the country to 4-position in the world in terms of exports.

In the first five years of the 21 century, Turkey’s light industry provided about 11% of GDP, 35% of export earnings, 20% of jobs.

Turkish shoes have always been of good quality, and in recent years it has become even higher thanks to the modernization of production, which began 2-3 a year ago and continues today. New strong Turkish brands loudly announced themselves and the level of export increased sharply, including to Russia.

Comfort comes first

It is worth noting that all Turkish shoes have one thing in common - comfort above all else. The quality of raw materials - genuine leather, textiles - is always on top. Indeed, whatever model the end user chooses, it will invariably be comfortable. And at the same time fashionable, corresponding to current fashion trends. At the Euro Shoes exhibition in February this year, Russian buyers, store owners, managers, marketing, sales specialists, and professional media representatives will be able to get acquainted with the fashionable and high-quality products of Turkish companies such as BeGrup, FATİH SHOES, NEVZAT ONAY AYAKKABI, RIPKA EVROMODA, TOPBAŞ AYAKKABI, ZANDAR SHOE TRADE, LOTTINI and others.

Sales volumes of Turkish shoes in the Russian market have been steadily growing for the last 2 years - in 2017-2018. New brands of shoes, bags and other leather products, expansion from Turkey appear on our market ...
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