Effective staff motivation in a crisis
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Effective staff motivation in a crisis

The main rule for the director of a shoe store is to pay more attention to your sales staff. In times of crisis, employees should be in first place, buyers in second, and goods only in third. Why in this order? Because people who are not alien to human beings are serving your customers, says the CEO of Clever Fashion consulting company, business coach Maria Gerasimenko.

You may have the best service philosophy in the world, but if there is no one to put it into practice, you will lose in the battle for the client. Remember how outstanding service stands out from the crowd.

Use non-material motivation of staff more often:

  1. Moral stimulation
  2. Informing
  3. Labour Organization
  4. Organizational culture

In this situation, the question arises about how to please employees without any special expenses.

There are simple and effective ways:

  1. Give thanks!
  2. Be attentive to everyone.
  3. Think about the family life of employees.
  4. Invest in the future.
  5. Surprise!
  6. Give the opportunity to take the initiative.
  7. Encourage individual achievement immediately.
  8. Involve employees in decision making.
  9. Use a team approach when promoting.
  10. Come up with an "experiment."
  11. Place honor boards / information boards.
  12. Have a meeting and set shared goals.
  13. Come up with a tradition.
  14. Enter the competition.
  15. Do interesting, not expensive.

Why motivation may NOT work:

  1. The employee does not understand the goal set for him.
  2. The employee has no tools to achieve it.
  3. Motivation depends on factors that the seller cannot influence:
  4. walking patency near the store;
  5. the number of visitors who visited the store;
  6. the presence of outdoor advertising;
  7. colorfully decorated showcase;
  8. assortment of goods sold.

Free promotion methods

Reducing budgets for promotion, you can always pay closer attention to free or low-cost tools:

  • Sales scripts
  • Key success factors for the company
  • Storytelling (storytelling)
  • Networking
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Service Training
  • Optimism!
  • Monitoring of competitors (sales from the counter, updating the customer base, courtesy calls)
  • Customer-centricity
  • Ability to introduce special services
  • Coalition marketing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Visualization (POS, advertising materials)
  • AIDA
  • Open Day
  • Internet
  • Social media

Develop - in a crisis, as never before, you cannot stop developing, and use its opportunities for your success.

The main rule for the director of a shoe store is to pay more attention to your sales staff. In times of crisis, employees should come first, buyers come second, and only ...
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