How can the seller not “burn out” at work during the New Year’s sales?
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How can the seller not “burn out” at work during the New Year’s sales?

The end of the year is the hardest season to trade. How to make your employees approach him in the best possible way? The HR expert, business trainer Daria Artyukhova shares her thoughts and recommendations with readers.

Daria Artyuhova Daria Artyuhova - Started her career in advertising and marketing in the 2006 year, from the 2007 year she moved to HR. During her work, she managed to gain experience in the field of recruitment, C&B, management, the creation of an HR brand, T&D. Launched several successful start-up projects. I stood at the origins of creating the KEDDO franchise network in Russia. Management experience over 6 years. Certified business coach, business consultant, speaker, webinar host, author of articles and training materials. Education: MBA-Professional City Business School, magistracy of the Russian State Social University, Moscow City Law Institute.

Since November, sales of New Year's symbols have officially started in Russia, shops are decorated with Christmas trees and the spirit of a fabulous holiday begins to soar in the air. The closer December 31, the greater the festive fuss. And, it would seem, the work completely recedes into the background, because not all gifts have been bought yet, and it is not clear in what dress to celebrate the New Year, what salad to prepare for the festive table. At this time of the year to live and rejoice. But in fact, the end of the year is the most difficult period in the work of retail: you need to hand over balances, reports, conduct sales and sell “stale” goods in order to free up shelves for new collections.

How not to leave the race in all this turmoil and leave your strength to rest? Let's get it right.

Do not build illusions

There are a lot of illusions and high expectations connected with the New Year: for example, from January 1, I’ll start to run, go on a diet, start paying more attention to children, or start a dog and so on and so forth ...

People put off “for later” the beginning of a new, better life. And for some reason they are attracted to this by a specific event. Not necessarily New Year. It can be Monday, the 1st of the next month or the birthday of the navy. Like, this day will come, and then I will certainly change. But the cherished day comes and ... nothing happens. Because changes do not happen by magic. You need to go to them. Sometimes long and hard. Perhaps even throughout the ode.

How does this relate to work? Everything is simple. In our work, we, too, are used to subconsciously adjusting our activities to the usual framework of the “new” period. On the one hand, many things are required of us by law: if we fail to hand in the balances on time or close the documents for this year, difficulties will arise in the following. On the other hand, because tomorrow, January 1, your colleagues will not change, problems themselves will not be solved, and competitors will not turn into a pumpkin. Therefore, the end of the working year must be approached wisely, as in any business. Remember that this is just another reporting period and the closure of deadlines. They will be surely followed by other goals and other deadlines for the completion of projects. The fact that the year is ending must be remembered in January, and correctly plan your efforts and affairs. If on January 9, after a long New Year's vacation, you are planning an approximate plan of development and action for each month until December, then the chance to reach the goal in a cheerful state next December will be much higher.

Of course, it is impossible to plan and predict everything. But with a competent approach, you can quickly solve emergency situations. When you are planning a plan for a year, do not forget about possible force majeure and write down ways to solve non-standard problems. If everything is fine and calm now, such tactics may seem strange. But always keep in mind the saying - "Prepare a sleigh in the summer."

A Gantt chart will help you make a plan and understand how much time and resources will be spent on the implementation of a project. If you have not ghostly illusions, but a clear plan, this will help you save your strength until the end of the year. Because the greatest number of nerves and forces is taken away just by the situations under which it is necessary to reconstruct in the moment. Start with yourself and recommend a plan to colleagues and subordinates.

And in retail, without a plan, it's nowhere at all. A sales plan is drawn up for a year, a month, and every day, and it must be analyzed and adjusted daily if necessary. Employees should not be allowed to delay implementation of the plan at the end of the month. It is better to overfulfill the plan than not to fulfill it. The daily five-minute discussions with the discussion of the results of the last day and plans for the current working day are excellent. Not only sellers, but also the office are working on the implementation of the plan. If the consumer flow falls - it's time to arrange a stock.

And most importantly - do not fall into the trap of "tomorrow will definitely get better." It will become better if you go to your goal in small steps.

In a healthy body healthy mind

December is a period of not only burning deadlines and big fuss, it is a time of feasts and corporate parties. Some employees are too keen on this process, so to stay in shape, it is better to abandon noisy parties and alcohol.

On the other hand, corporate parties rally the team and help relieve tension. Indeed, holiday events work great as a team building, and no one says that you need to deprive yourself and your colleagues of the holiday. On the contrary, arrange a real holiday: create an atmosphere of magic, as in childhood. And in childhood, magic came to us without alcohol.

Arrange team building in nature. For example, you can combine HLS and New Year. Now the topic of healthy lifestyle is very popular, including in the fashion industry. You can arrange a ski race and reward the winner with a ticket to a warm country, and give incentive prizes to the rest. There will be a lot of positive emotions, and the costs will be much less in comparison with a party in a restaurant. Such sports events help retail employees to get rid of routine and cheer up.

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, we organize contests for the most beautifully decorated office. Shops also participate, only they decorate the utility room, since the trading floor should be decorated in a single format and there is nowhere for imagination to roam. Every year, the winners of the whole department or store receive useful prizes. The New Year's lotteries are excellent, you can arrange a draw with live broadcasting. Moreover, employees are equally happy as a Christmas tree toy, and more valuable prizes. The main thing is not victory, the main thing is participation and a festive atmosphere.

Do not escalate

Even if not all plans are implemented this year and not all projects are delivered on time, you should not escalate the situation and put pressure on people. Excess pressure does not lead to acceleration and obtaining the desired result. Rather, on the contrary, it causes the opposite effect. Responsible employees try and worry about the result just like you do, and irresponsible as they were irresponsible, so they will remain. You just need to get rid of the latter, according to the labor code of the Russian Federation.

If you understand that people tried, but did not fulfill the sales plan, do not tell them at the end of the year that they are bad. Praise them even for such a result. People will be grateful to you, maintain a positive attitude until the end of the working year and will be able to join the battle for customers in the new year with new forces. Retail does not have New Year holidays. Therefore, office workers can still relax at home and come to their senses, but sellers begin to work almost from January 1. They don’t have time to recover from the fuss of the New Year. So the fighting mood for the next working year must be created on December 31. Of course, we are talking about if the plan is not fulfilled 100, but 90-95%.

If the numbers are lower, then this is an occasion to analyze the plan and work processes. Was its implementation realistic under current conditions? Is your assortment large enough? Do all sellers pay the right attention to customers? Maybe patency has dropped in the mall where your store is located? Whatever answers you receive, do not give vent to emotions. Emotions in business have not played a good service to anyone. Only a thorough analysis, proven numbers, accurate calculation, accurate planning and a well-thought-out strategy will help us emerge victorious from a difficult competitive game in the market. Remember, we talked about the illusions that arise in everyone at the end of the year? So, you do not need to build any illusions or succumb to sadness. You need to work, celebrate the new year, and then work again.

The end of the year is the hardest season to trade. How to make your employees approach him in the best possible way? An SR expert on… shares his thoughts and recommendations with readers.
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