Hot shopper in summer
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Hot shopper in summer

The summer season brings joy to everyone except retailers - sales usually fall, which forces shoe makers to invent new ways to increase sales.

According to the results of the Shoes report survey, the decrease in purchasing activity in the current period is on average 20-30%, but not all retailers observe it.

“There is no need to talk about a drop in sales in the summer: on the contrary, the summer season in terms of traffic and conversion rate is on the same level with December and January - traditionally a strong period for retailers,” says Stanislav Koloskov, Director of Marketing and Advertising at ALBA. It should be noted, however, that in terms of turnover, the summer months are inferior to September-October, when new collections arrive in the salons ”.

According to Elizabeth Jela, Zenden Network Marketing Director, this year’s seasonal drop in sales did not reach 30%, while maintaining targets in the stability zone.

Andrey Shirokov, general director of the chain of stores "Alphabet" and Valentina Koroleva, manager of advertising and PR of the chain "Econika" told SR that the decrease in the volume of purchases was avoided thanks to stimulating promotions.

What promotions are retailers running this summer? Many shoe makers have timed shopping events to coincide with a global event - the 2014 FIFA World Cup. For example, the women's shoe chain "Econika" from 11 to 26 June gives fans discounts for the Russian national team - up to 40%. The Obuv XXI Century store credits a 20% bonus to a discount-accumulative card when purchasing sneakers from June 22 to 26 in the company's online store.

Fashion Galaxy chain stores organized a local contest on social networks, killing two birds with one stone. The company thereby not only motivates active Internet users to buy, but also nurtures the number of its subscribers on Facebook and Instagram. To receive a personal discount for the second pair of shoes from 12 to 30 on June, she offers her fans to post a photo of their first purchase on the Fashion Galaxy page on Facebook or on her personal Instagram page, marking Fashion Galaxy on the photo and providing it with the necessary hashtags.

Economy-class shoe chain Zenden plays on the soul strings of bargain-lovers, offering them discounts on the day's product, “slides” of shoes at one low price and discounts on the purchase of a second pair.

During summer vacations in ALBA salons, purchases are stimulated by the forces of merchandising, subtly reacting to changes in weather conditions and demand, respectively. “There are heavy rains - closed waterproof shoes appear, there is unbearable heat - the buyer will see ballet flats, sandals and other light shoes on the image tables. The display of the most popular products is updated approximately once a week, - said Stanislav Koloskov, Director of Marketing and Advertising at ALBA. “We also work with a base of loyal customers: we analyze the frequency of purchases, preferences and offer them additional discounts on specific categories that may be of interest to them.”

The summer season brings joy to everyone except retailers - sales usually fall, which forces shoemakers to invent new ways to increase ...
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