His business: Anatoly Levshin, Caprice stores
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His business: Anatoly Levshin, Caprice stores

Anatoly Petrovich Levshin is the owner of the only Caprice branded stores in Moscow and a professional with experience dating back decades. At the end of July, under his leadership, the fourth metropolitan store Caprice was opened, located on Leningradsky Prospekt in Stalin's house number 78, a stone's throw from the Sokol metro station. This discovery, as always, attracted many visitors who willingly turned into buyers with the help of the “second pair for free” promotion and the personal participation of the store owner. Despite the festive bustle, the Shoes Report found out several important principles that guide Anatoly Petrovich in the shoe business.


“The“ second pair as a present ”promotion is the same 50% discount on the summer collection. At the same time, I did not raise the price of a ruble. For the store this promotion is a good advertisement, but for me it’s an opportunity to sell a summer collection at the end of July. ”

“I am a supporter of sales. You can sell every second pair for free, or you can leave unsold goods in stock until the next season. But in this way you will sell a maximum of 25%, because our customers attend exhibitions, read expensive magazines, and they will understand in colors and directions that this is an old collection. ”

“Now there is very, very fierce competition, and something needs to be taken: good sellers, service, assortment, pricing. As for prices, I know who sells shoes in the district, and I set the average price. ”

“Of course, we need advertising. Have you seen our talker boy by the subway? Galkin is resting! Once I was driving somewhere and heard how it works. I could not pass by. I asked him how much he earned, and offered him more. It works great, knows how to attract attention: "Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen!" This is his calling, and I respect his work with great respect. He invited him to our corporate party, he was very moved. "

Assortment Policy

“This store on Sokol is an“ average plus ”, we need to choose the appropriate assortment. Basis, 50% - Caprice, the rest - Picolinos, Unisa, Ara, Rieker, Alpina - I do not go down below. There is also Vito de la Mora - these are dear good Italians, classics. ”

“If you notice, I always take a colorful, vibrant collection. This is a big risk, but even in winter I try not to take dark shades. In August I will exhibit the “Autumn-Winter 2013 / 14” collection - khaki and burgundy prevail there, they will be especially relevant this season starting from the 2013 of the year. ”

“In men's shoes, I focus on comfort, classic. In terms of the ratio of female and male models, I always open a store with a proportion of 85 / 15, and then adjust it depending on the area and place. The man brought by his wife - “Vasya, try on these shoes” is not my customer. My male buyer is independent: "Masha, here’s a hundred bucks for you, go for a walk."

“By the New Year, I want to open another store. So that there are no negative stores, I choose certain areas. I know from experience that the Falcon, the southwest, northwest are rich, good areas. And I bring more expensive goods to these areas - Lloyd, Moda di Fausto. Moda di Fausto has a very strong summer - the colors are just amazing, there can be 8 colors in one boot. And the boot itself is a solid piece of leather and zipper. I love beautiful, expensive shoes. And I love my job! ”

Human Resources

“I’m looking for sellers through my channels. I don’t take it from the street, it’s an option “both came and left.” I have been known for a very long time, and rumors quickly diverge. My sellers have good financial motivation, and we have a sincere attitude towards sellers. In June, we celebrated the birthday of the first Caprice store together on a boat. The sellers, who were finishing work in the store, joined us in the evening, but they specially served hot dishes, left all the tastiest. All sellers understand that they are part of a team and without them we are nowhere. ”

Anatoly Petrovich Levshin is the owner of the only Caprice branded stores in Moscow and a professional with experience dating back decades. In late July, under his leadership, the fourth opened ...
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