Anti-crisis plan does not imply tax cuts
11.02.2015 2893

Anti-crisis plan does not imply tax cuts

The Moscow government has published an anti-crisis plan for the 2015 year. Earlier, the city hall promised to supplement the first version of the plan with the proposals of entrepreneurs, who received about 100. However, as a result, they were accounted for approximately half. Some decisions were not made for the period proposed by business representatives or in a smaller territory. For example, authorities plan to postpone the introduction of new requirements for signboards only outside the third ring.

Moscow also did not agree to cut tax rates for small businesses. This right was provided for the regions by the federal anti-crisis plan: the STS rate can be reduced from 6 to 1%, UTII - from 15 to 7,5%.

The Moscow government has published an anti-crisis plan for the 2015 year.

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