Clarks Introduces UK Inventory and Retail Tracking System
04.12.2017 2235

Clarks Introduces UK Inventory and Retail Tracking System

500 Clarks stores in the UK were equipped with a new technological system that allows sellers to quickly find out if they have the right product in stock by scanning a barcode on a tablet.

The purpose of introducing the system is to improve the quality of customer service. The system is based on Scandit tablets designed for use by company personnel.

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK provides the necessary data collection for Clarks' Stock Assist, allowing store employees to quickly scan barcodes on displays to gain access to accounts, product data, price and image. This allows sellers to quickly answer the buyer’s question about the availability of goods, allows you to choose the right size or style. The scan function is also useful for the back office staff, who can scan the box to download product information.

“The application runs on 7-inch tablets and is already actively used by a team of sellers, which makes their work much easier,” comments Rafal Harzhorn, head of the modernization and transformation department at Clarks. He says the Scandit Barcode Scanner is easy to use in any environment, whether in the store itself or in storage facilities. Currently, the Scandit app is used in more than 500 Clarks stores in the UK on more than 4 000 tablets.

Clarks' 500 stores in the UK have been equipped with a new technology system that allows sellers to quickly check if they are in stock by scanning a barcode on a tablet ...

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