Ecco updated the site
29.12.2012 4628

Ecco updated the site

Shoe retailer Ecco has updated the company's website by the beginning of the new year. The developers completely changed the design of the site and added new sections. For example, the site now has the "Ecco Encyclopedia", which contains the history of the brand's creation, its philosophy, information about the unique materials and technologies for making shoes from the Danish brand. A significant change was the merging of the “Collection” and “Internet-shop” sections of the site, which significantly simplified the process of searching for goods.

According to the owls of Ecco IT Director in Russia Sergey Prokhorov, many services are integrated into the new site model, which significantly improved and simplified navigation and search, and increased the speed of order processing. Optimization of the processes of the brand’s online store also reduced the labor costs of managers, reduced the number of possible errors and automated the processes of reservation of goods.

According to the company, the work on site optimization will not stop there. In the near future, Ecco plans to launch regional versions of sites targeted at a specific city or region.

The Ecco shoe retailer has updated the company's website by the beginning of the new year. The developers have completely redesigned the site and added new sections. For example, the site now has the Ecco Encyclopedia, in which ...

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