Consumer age drives brand in real estate
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Consumer age drives brand in real estate

The era of the consumer manages the brand in real estate - this was the conclusion of the AHConferences “Real Estate Marketing: Project Brand” workshop held by 13 on July 2011. More than 30 representatives of development and media companies from different cities of Russia took part in the event. The workshop was hosted by experts in commercial real estate.

The workshop was opened by Dmitry Zavrazhnov, managing partner of New Angle, who presented trends in consumer behavior and strategic steps for brand management in the era of the buyer: “From a brand that tells the status story about itself (traditional advertising), to a brand that helps consumers tell personal storytelling stories to each other. Brands must provide “ingredients” for creating and communicating status stories. ”

The “economy of expectations” trend represents a well-informed and experienced consumer; the trend will intensify as more and more devices connect to the Internet. Brands should actively engage in dialogue with consumers.

Generation G is a generation of people who are used to sharing, sharing products and information, and getting a lot for free. Generation G awaits concierges and services anytime, anywhere. In the Affiliate & Outsourcing trend, brands collaborate with consumers, designers, brands from other industries, and even competitors. Consumers themselves enter the business arena not just as a feedback tool for brands, but as full-fledged players, participants, creators. They want to not only buy, but also create. Dmitry Zavrazhnov notes that when working with this type of customer it is necessary to create stories, not articles, in advertising to create recognition, not just recognition.

Anna Shadrina, Advertising Director, Capital Group, in the block “Shopping Center Brand: Converting from Visitors to Customers”, noted the role of four components in creating the brand of the shopping center: the concept of the shopping center, location, tenant pool, marketing and advertising, explained the importance of creating a comprehensive consumer-oriented solution . The main stages and principles of creating a successful brand were presented on the example of the Rechnoy shopping center and the new shopping center in Northern Chertanov, which the company opens in the fall.

The general director of Promotion Realty Vitaly Lvov, speaking about the promotion of commercial real estate, cited Likerka Loft multifunctional complex in Tula and the Arena shopping center in Voronezh as an example of successful positioning of objects, a competent reconception of which allowed to triple the attendance of the object.
Svetlana Yarova, Head of Owner Relations with ASTERA Moscow in an alliance with BNP Paribas Real Estate in the block “How to attract a tenant? !!!” also emphasized that at the stage of branding and brokerage it is necessary to understand the owner’s further plans regarding the property. For example, if you plan to sell an object, it is logical to give up rental income at the beginning and form a pool of quality anchor tenants.

The era of the consumer controls the brand in real estate - this was the conclusion of the participants in the master class of AHConferences “Real Estate Marketing: the brand of the project”, which was held on July 13 ...

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