Obuv Rossii GC continues to invest in technologies that allow it to sell on credit and by installments
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Obuv Rossii GC continues to invest in technologies that allow it to sell on credit and by installments

In May, 2018 Obuv Rossii Group of Companies introduced blockchain technology into business processes that ensure the protection of personal data of customers who use the services of buying goods on credit and by installments. All customer interaction data is encrypted and distributed in three data centers of the company - in Novosibirsk (central data center), Khabarovsk and Moscow.

According to the company's press release, in 2018, Obuv Rossii transferred the entire retail network to a new IT platform to support the financial services of 2.0 installments. This platform is not technically tied to the head office, it makes it possible to more flexibly adjust the parameters of stocks and personalize offers for company customers. “Installment 2.0.” Allowed the introduction of blockchain to protect personal data. Thanks to the new platform and blockchain, the speed of execution of contracts has increased, and the time for deciding whether to issue a loan or installment plan has decreased. The control procedure for employees involved in the execution of contracts in the regions has also been simplified.

From May to October, Obuv Rossii signed over 300 thousand installment and loan agreements on the blockchain. Shoe and related products purchase services are provided in the retail stores Shoe of Russia Westfalika, Pedestrian, Rossita, Emilia Estra and Lisette.

GC "Shoes of Russia" founded in 2003 year, has a headquarters in Novosibirsk and an office in Moscow. The main business area of ​​the Group is the production and sale of footwear and related products. The company operates 677 stores (133 operate under a franchise), which are open under different brands, and also develops shoes and clothing brands for an active lifestyle S-tep, all.go and Snow Guard and owns two shoe factories in the Novosibirsk region. In accordance with the audited financial results of the Group under IFRS, in 2017, revenue amounted to 10,8 billion rubles, net profit - 1,31 billion rubles, EBITDA - 2,74 billion rubles.


In May 2018, Obuv Rossii Group of Companies implemented blockchain technology in business processes, ensuring the protection of personal data of customers using the services of purchasing goods on credit and in ...

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