BADEN launches new FASSEN trademark on the Russian market
25.02.2016 3853

BADEN launches new FASSEN trademark on the Russian market

For over 15 years, Baden LLC has been manufacturing and selling high-quality women's shoes in Russia, characterized by extraordinary comfort and modern design. One of the main events of this year will be the launch of the new Fassen brand on the Russian market.

The new Fassen brand is represented in a cheaper price segment than BADEN.

“Due to the sharp drop in purchasing power caused by the economic crisis and the sharp depreciation of the national currency, consumers have a need for cheaper products,” commented Vitaly Stepin, Director of Development, BADEN. - Therefore, the idea came up of launching a second brand on the market intended for consumers with lower incomes. Products under the Fassen brand will be manufactured at the same production facilities as BADEN, which guarantees high quality, and the use of cheaper materials, including artificial leather, will ensure low production costs. ”

The new brand combines functionality and modern trends. The target audience of the Fassen brand is consumers who would like to wear shoes of European manufacturers, but now, for a number of reasons, cannot afford it, and are forced to look for something new. This consumer group is very wide, includes women and men, but at the stage of launching the brand on the market, the emphasis will be on the female audience. Age group - 25 years and older.

BADEN company has a reputation of a reliable manufacturer, is a participant in international shoe exhibitions held in the Russian Federation. Currently, the BADEN trademark is widely represented in the largest retail chains, successfully sold in its own branded stores, their number today is more than 50 throughout the country.

At the end user, BADEN products are deservedly associated with quality and comfort. Particular attention in the production of shoes is given to modern technologies, materials and the results of recent research in the field of orthopedics. Due to this, BADEN shoes have a number of unique features. Shoes under the Fassen brand will be produced according to the same standards and technologies as BADEN, but from cheaper materials. Fassen shoes will cost significantly less, which will be its main competitive advantage. New products will be sold through existing BADEN distribution channels. 

The new Fassen brand is represented in a cheaper price segment than BADEN.

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