Mila improves logistics
17.05.2012 1568

Mila improves logistics

A new name has been added to the list of transport companies that are ready to deliver children's shoes in bulk from the warehouse of the Ural distributor to anywhere in Russia, and a service has appeared in the online store that allows you to evaluate the level of services of each of the logistics operators.

Mila's new partner, Armadillo Business Package, operates on the Russian market under the international DPD brand and provides a full range of transport and logistics services using a unique express forwarding technology, delivering goods to 4000 cities and towns in Russia. “The cost of transportation of goods by this operator cannot be called the lowest, however, in the process of collecting information about the company, such a policy was fully justified by high-quality service, a guarantee of delivery time and safety of goods, which, as practice shows, are decisive parameters when buyers of children's shoes wholesale choose a transport company ", - said the manager of" Mila "- wholesale footwear" Alexander Borodin.

In addition to the updated list of partners, the Mila website now has the opportunity to rate and leave feedback on transport companies, which will allow representatives of retail stores to choose a logistics operator not only in terms of delivery costs, but also to assess the quality of the services provided in advance, based on the independent opinion of colleagues ...

In the list of transport companies that are ready to deliver children's shoes in bulk from the warehouse of the Ural distributor to anywhere in Russia, a new name has been added, and a service has appeared in the online store, ...

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