Fashion brand s.Oliver will support Alexei Vorobyov at Eurovision
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Fashion brand s.Oliver will support Alexei Vorobyov at Eurovision

The representative of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, Alexei Vorobyov, will be supported not only by the producer of RedOne, but also by the trendsetter, the world famous brand s.Oliver, traditionally supporting stars all over the world. Recall that the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will be the 56th in a row, and will be held from 10 to 14 May 2011 in Germany (Dusseldorf)

 S.Oliver (Oliver) is the largest German manufacturer of fashionable clothes for modern people of all ages. The history of this global brand began in Germany in the 1969 year.

Today S.Oliver products have a huge assortment, the company owns more than 300 company stores and offers stylish, modern, designer clothes in 1000 different stores.

Under the common brand name s.Oliver, customers are offered products in different styles.

s.Oliver Casual is the largest segment of the company, comfortable casual clothing for women and men. High quality, meticulous attention to detail and good value for money are the hallmarks of s.Oliver Casual. The clothes are perfectly cut and express cheerfulness, individuality and authenticity.

s.Oliver Selection is a style for the elite. Chic and elegant business and evening wear; a combination of modern classics and fashionable influences; relevance and self-confidence. Sewn and knitted patterns and comfortable details allow you to choose the right style for any occasion in any country

QS by s.Oliver is a fast fashion line, up-to-date and functional. Urban style combined with trendy details. Ease and desire to experiment, but without unnecessary frills.

by s.Oliver is comfortable casual and business wear for active and confident women. The collections are a balanced combination of precision cuts and fashionable accents. Actual colors, combinable models and universal fashionable attributes are the key to a successful mix of styles.

Alexei Vorobyev, the representative of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, will be supported not only by RedOne producer, but also by the trendsetter, the world famous brand s.Oliver, traditionally supporting stars in ...
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