The Okhotny Ryad became the mall of the 21 century
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The Okhotny Ryad became the mall of the 21 century

The Okhotny Ryad shopping center did not receive the highest class in the framework of the All-Russian classification of shopping centers, developed by Watcom Group together with the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RSTC). The RSTC proposed to determine the quality of shopping centers back in 2010. According to Roman Skorokhodov, CEO of Watcom Group, the goal of the project, dubbed the Mall of the 21st Century, is “to create a consolidated comprehensive view of quality in relation to retail real estate in Russia”. The first among Watcom experts was the Okhotny Ryad shopping center. It was awarded the BBBA class (A - investment attractiveness) with the highest possible AAAA rating and was awarded the certificate of "Mall of the 21st Century". Andrey Sukhov, First Deputy General Director of Manezhnaya Ploshchad Management Company, agrees with this assessment. “We've been in the lead for a long time, it's time to stop and think about our future strategy. In addition, the most important criterion for us is investment attractiveness and stable financial performance. "

The development of evaluation criteria involved development, consulting, management companies, investors and retailers. The four letters of the integral class are assigned according to the four integral characteristics. The shopping center is evaluated as a building, as a rental business, as a place for shopping and leisure activities, and as an attractive and liquid asset. The whole classification system includes about 50 parameters. For each block, one of three degrees is assigned (A, B, C), and as a result, a general assessment is formed. Almost everything is analyzed, from land relations, transport accessibility and ending with the atmosphere, the height of the ceilings and the presence of a brand book.

According to respondents, Okhotny Ryad does not reach the highest score in terms of the service offered. For several reasons, the mall has a small paid parking lot, which is not easy to find, and, accordingly, an insufficient number of parking spaces. Okhotny Ryad was built 14 years ago, and an ideal place at first glance has certain limitations, says Andrei Sukhov. - We are pleased to have received an independent assessment. Now is the time to make sense of everything and prepare for change. ”

Shopping centers can be classified once every XNUMX months, allowing for upgrades in between grades. Denis Sokolov, partner and head of research and strategic consulting at Cushman & Wakefield, says that the classification of shopping centers will bring additional knowledge to owners and retail real estate brokers, but at the same time, the location of the shopping center and traffic are the main indicators that owners are guided by. "The classification as a whole is necessary for the retail real estate market," believes Pyotr Shchelishch, chairman of the Union of Consumers of Russia, deputy of the State Duma, - the market needs national standards, without this there is no development of the industry. " The question remains how market participants will perceive the classification. Writes about it sostav.ru

The Okhotny Ryad shopping center did not receive the highest class in the framework of the All-Russian classification of shopping centers, developed by Watcom Group together with the Russian Council of Trade ...
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