Boring elegance in the Santoni men's spring-summer'17 collection
03.03.2017 2530

Boring elegance in the Santoni men's spring-summer'17 collection

The Santoni spring-summer'17 men's collection is inspired by the collective image of a fun-bonvivan: a person who lives for his own pleasure, richly and carelessly.

The unpretentious sophistication of new models is reflected in simple and smooth lines, light shades. The cult double Santoni buckle is used everywhere: on boots, as a fringe clip in loafers and monks, it is present on models with embroidery. Traditional handmade quality combined with the search for the perfect balance between classic and aerodynamic forms.

Organic modernism as a fundamental principle. Hand-made soles harmoniously coexist with lace-up models; classic forms are modernized with bicolor combinations. Sleepers are transformed into espadrilles, created for leisure and outdoor recreation. Ultra-thin leather sneakers are coated with luminescent paint and decorated with stylish graphic elements.

Bright shades unexpectedly burst into the men's collection: the color palette ranges from chocolate to heavenly and blueberry colors, with the addition of bright green, cobalt and scarlet.

The collection is made of luxurious, pleasant to the touch materials: matte leather of a young calf, crocodile leather, kangaroo, calf leather using a unique patination technique and glossy gloss.

Santoni men's collection spring-summer'17 is inspired by the collective image of the merry bon vivant: a person who lives in his own pleasure, rich and carefree. ...
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