CENTRO shoes complement designer collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
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CENTRO shoes complement designer collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The most important event of the Russian fashion world begins in Moscow - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Models of Russian designers will walk along the catwalk in CENTRO shoes, paving the way to the world of high fashion in the spring-summer season of 2012.

As a fast-fashion brand, CENTRO is increasingly serving as the final element of the image created by designers for premium collections. The combination of a variety of colors, a range of models and an affordable price of CENTRO shoes gives a lot of opportunities for creating ultra-fashionable bows, both for every day and for a special occasion. This opinion is shared by the designers who chose this youth brand for their shows.

The defile of an aggressive and at the same time gentle collection by Andrei Rybinsky, the chief designer of the Pure Vinnie brand, will take place in the fashion designer’s favorite shoes and open shoes with the highest possible heels, in gray and black patent leather. Andrei does not like loud quotes, but nevertheless admitted that creating the collection he was inspired by the film Moulin Rouge, in the interpretation of Baz Lurman. At the same time, the collection is completely in trend with the modern haute couture clothing style.
The avant-garde player of the Russian podium - Yegor Zaitsev also picked up several pairs at the shoe house. The bright colors of his collection were replenished with multi-colored models of CENTRO high-heeled high-heeled shoes.

The novice masters of the Moscow Art and Industrial Institute (MHPI) decided to join the professionals of Russian design - they will open a showroom at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. For their collection of clothes, inspired by the tradition of sewing soldiers' uniforms of the early 40th century, young designers chose ankle boots and boots in the trend of the season - high heels. Like the entire collection of spring-summer trends of next year according to the MHPI, shoes were selected in a triad of black, white and red colors. A static display of the design solutions of the students of the institute will be held under the patronage of Sergei Nikulin: “This year we decided to turn to history and chose the course of the“ military ”, we took a little image from the aviation of the XNUMXs, and of course we could not pass by and not play with an erotic interpretation military suits of the beginning of the last century, - says Sergey. - Despite the very unusual composition of the collection, CENTRO shoes fit us in all respects. Besides, this is a student collection, and CENTRO is just the most youthful brand. "

The most important event of the Russian fashion world begins in Moscow - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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