Offline players crowd out online shopping
25.05.2015 2380

Offline players crowd out online shopping

Offline players began to supplant online stores in the Russian e-commerce market, according to a study by the InSales analytic division.

Russian e-commerce is growing by 25-30% per year. By 2016, it may reach 1 trillion rubles. However, according to PwC data, the e-commerce market in Russia accounts for 3,3% of the total retail volume. In InSales, this figure is slightly less - 2%.

Despite this, the market is actively developing, and new players appear here. In the 2014 year alone, the number of new online retailers increased by 10%, to 43 thousand. InSales notes that large offline retailers are increasingly exploring new markets, crowding out small online stores.

“If earlier housewives, veterinarians and yesterday’s students came to online retail, now those who already know how to trade go to it,” emphasizes Artem Sokolov, Marketing Director of InSales. In the future, the situation is unlikely to change: strong players will expand, and the number of new Internet retailers will only grow. And the surviving small online players will either have to expand towards offline or try to stand out from the competition with an outstanding level of service and price flexibility, write in their study “Total Sales, 2015. Retailers and Challenges of Time ”by PwC analysts.

On the Russian e-commerce market, offline players began to displace online stores, according to research data from the company's analytical division ...

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