Shopping centers and retail do not use social networks effectively
21.11.2014 4433

Shopping centers and retail do not use social networks effectively

According to a new study conducted in October by Modern Electronic Trading Systems, developers and retailers are not actively using Internet technologies to convert visitor traffic. First of all, we are talking about social networks and Internet applications for mobile devices of visitors. As a result of a survey of top managers of shopping centers and chain stores throughout Russia, it turned out that the share of Internet tools in the total line of marketing tools does not exceed 20-30% in cities of more than 500 thousand people, and in cities less than 500 thousand is less than ten%.

Despite the fact that most developers and networks have their own pages in

social networks, the effectiveness of this tool is extremely low. Basically, the pages of shopping facilities are focused on alerts about promotions and events. At the same time, the share of subscribers does not exceed 10% of the total number of visitors to shopping sites per week.

Heads of marketing services acknowledge that the main task of groups in social networks is advertising, and the data are not used in analytics, or are complementary to the overall picture of visits to outlets.

The Wi-Fi-based Internet application system inside shopping centers is even less available, which allows visitors to receive discount coupons, information about promotions, and developers and retailers - data on traffic, consumer activity and time spent in malls and stores. As a rule, this system is implemented in large federal shopping centers with a network of shopping centers throughout the country. Moreover, a system is being introduced with the submission of companies involved in traffic counting and analysis systems. Often, as a free bonus to the main product.

Despite the fact that today the share of such a service for visitors in all quality shopping centers in Russia is equal to 1-3%, the role of this tool will grow exponentially, according to researchers. In 2015, more than 30% of shopping centers will be equipped with Wi-Fi applications, and by 2017, more than 80%. This is due to the growing share of mobile Internet and increasing competition.

According to a new study conducted in October by Modern Electronic Trading Systems, developers and retail are not actively using Internet technologies to convert ...

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