Mosshoes Style according to the new rules
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Mosshoes Style according to the new rules

The seventeenth contest of young designers of shoes and accessories Moshoes Style was held in Moscow in late March. This year, Moscow University of Design and Technology (MGUDT) acted as its sole organizer.

This time both the final show and the gala show took place in the fashionable Fabrique club. “Of course, organizing a competition this year was more difficult than last. Nevertheless, we decided not to abandon this project, because many of our students and graduates take part in it every year. For them, the competition is an excellent opportunity to communicate with professionals, to hear their assessment, ”said Vitaly Fukin, chairman of the competition jury, president of MGUDT.

For five days, young designers of shoes and accessories from Russia, Germany and Poland demonstrated their work (more than 90 collections in total). As a result, 51 reached the final.

The competition consisted of two parts: creative, direct display, and intellectual. The participants were able to show their intellect during the theoretical round of the Olympiad, in which all the contestants took part. Do not forget that MosShoes Style is part of the third round of the All-Russian Student Olympiad. Although in design, practice always pushes theory into the background. This was proved by the demonstrations of the competition, to which its organizers and the participants themselves paid maximum attention.

The first thing that I remember from what happened on the podium was imagery. Playing with different themes, doing creativity for the sake of creativity is a characteristic feature of all design students' work. This is especially true in the nominations Haute couture and Avangard, whose participants usually do not think about the commercial component of the models. By the way, today the contestants are no longer limited to the creation of only shoes or accessories, on the contrary, they try to completely assemble the image and, following the example of more experienced colleagues, make even a show from a small presentation. Hence - the emergence of the current topic of old school (men's sandals a la "Soviet school") in Igor Ivanov's "Pioneers of the XXI Century", the appearance on the catwalk of Yorkshire Terriers in shoes and without (Afterparty from Anna Gura and "Pastel rhythms" by Dmitry and Alexandra Shingarevs), Spanish beauties in red boots and ankle boots with tassels from toreador costumes.

SR69_Design_MGUDT_2.jpgThe topic of the East received enough attention. Japan, a country of warlike samurai and mysterious geisha, inspired Aiana Filippova and Sergei Titov, the creators of the collections "Land of the Rising Style" (shoes based on the national Japanese clothing) and "Where the Sun Rises". The Fata Morgana collection of bijouterie by Stepan Petrov was dedicated to the ghostly women of the Far East traveling in caravans in the desert.

Another positive aspect of the competition is the attempt of the participants, and in some cases very successful, to correspond to fashionable shoe trends. Of course, students do not react to them so quickly and accurately, nevertheless, the shape of the heel, the pads, however, as well as the composure of some images, corresponds to macro trends. Thus, the theme of aggressive rock found its reflection in the collection Вack to black by Alexey Skripnikov.

However, in the forefront, as expected, were those who equally thought about the concept and competent execution of the collection. So, "Rubik's Cube" by Lucy Avetyan shocked with its unobtrusiveness and indirect quotation of the popular puzzle. The designer focused on replicated color combinations made on a black background. However, the Grand Prix of the competition was awarded to the tenderness and femininity of Maria Sitnikova. Mother-of-pearl boots and ankle boots with a classic stiletto heel and a rounded toe. What? Quite a commercial option.

At the end of the competition, the authors of the best works were awarded with diplomas. Those who are not among the winners may well try their hand at the next competition in 2010 year. MGUDT promise that it will take place.

SR69_Design_MGUDT_3.jpgWinners of the Moshoes Style-2009 Contest

Grand Prix - Maria Sitnikova "Drops of Mother of Pearl" (MGUDT)


1. Lusya Avetyan "Rubik's Cube" (MGUDT)

2. Alexandra Melnikova "The lady checked her baggage" (MGUDT)

3. Aina Filippova "Country of the rising style" (St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design), Mikhail Yadrov "We are from Odessa" (Novosibirsk Technological Institute)

Haute couture:

1. Sergey Titov "Where the sun rises" (MGUDT)

2. Anna Stanios, Anita Grushka "Male accents" (Radom Polytechnic University)

3. Yulia Vasendina "Carousel of Colors" (MGUDT)


1. Evgeny Khripakov "Illusion of the Wild West" (MGUDT)

2. Ekaterina Ryabova "On the wings of love" (MGUDT)

3. Olga Mikhailova "The Tree of Life" (St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design)


1. Stepan Petrov "Fata Morgana" (MGUDT)

2. Julia Clam, Sylvia Falb, Bianca Schmidt, Hennet Zonnichsen, Rachel Ulm, Elena Walpzhitz, Katanna Gems "I'm with you" (Germany)

3. Julia Vasendina Le Charm (MGUDT)

The seventeenth contest of young designers of shoes and accessories Moshoes Style was held in Moscow in late March. This year, Moscow University of Design and ...
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