Healing shoe industry
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Healing shoe industry

The new year for the shoe business began with an upbeat note. This is the diagnosis made to the sector at the international exhibition Expo Riva Schuh, the 73rd session of which ended on January 19 in the Italian city of Riva del Garda. Over 4 days, 11 unique visitors have been here, which is 564% more than last year. Of these, 5 came from abroad. Italian buyers also did not disappoint: in the past session there were 7000% more interested than last year.

“Our event has never been subject to a crisis. The only setback that had to be faced in economically unstable times was the decrease in the number of visitors to the exhibition in January 2009. But even then, this disadvantage was offset by the increase in the number of visiting companies, - concludes Roberto Pelegrini, President of the Riva del Garda Exhibition Congress. - The indicators that we have the honor to announce today should inspire optimism and satisfaction to all players in this sector, because we have not only reached the pre-crisis indicators, but also exceeded them. We should all be satisfied with this well-coordinated work: Expo Riva Schuh not only obeys and follows, but also anticipates and creates the rules of the shoe market. Moreover, now we and other companies participating in this sector of the economy can look into the future with optimism: the crisis has begun to lose ground. "

“We are not the only ones“ guilty ”of this success,” adds Giovanni Laezza, Riva del Garda, Director of the Exhibition Congress, “we must share it with our exhibitors, who have always believed in us and believe and choose the right strategies to promote our product. As organizers of a trade exhibition, we listen to how the scenarios of the international economy, the companies themselves and the requests of buyers change. An important example is the Quick Producer project, which was first organized at this exhibition. ” The project implies that in addition to the promising collections “Autumn-Winter 2010/2011”, it was possible to order flash versions and additions to the collections of the current season “Spring-Summer 2010” at the exhibition. The project was attended by 203 exhibitors from Expo Riva Schuh. Their stands were marked with the Quick Producer logo, and each visitor received a separate catalog with a list of project participants.

According to the organizers, 35% of visitors were interested in this service, so the Quick Producer project will become permanent.

In addition to the project, the marketing agency Diomedea Studies is currently working on researching the needs of buyers and exhibitors. The results of this analysis will be presented at the June exhibition.

This time, 1135 exhibitors took part in the exhibition, and it was far from home for everyone: Italians were only 40%.

“In addition to the Riva del Garda exhibition, we are working to make our brand world famous,” explains Brigitte Buncher, Expo Riva Schuh, Director of the Expo. - India is the second largest producer of shoes in the world. The country produces 2,06 billion pairs annually, and 95% of the goods produced is sold domestically. Therefore, we decided to organize an Expo Riva Schuh India exhibition. We would like to offer this market not just shows, but also seminars and trainings, and to attract about a hundred Indian manufacturers and another 50 Italian and European ones. ”

The event planned in India will be held from July 18 to 20, 2010 in New Delhi. The new exhibition is held together with the Indian partner - the Images Group company.

The new year for the shoe business began with an optimistic note. This is the diagnosis given to the sector at the international exhibition Expo Riva ...
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