Consumexpo-2009: orders become cautious
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Consumexpo-2009: orders become cautious

The international exhibition of consumer goods "Konsumexpo-2009" was held on January 13-16 and traditionally opened the exhibition program of the Moscow Expocentre. For two decades, the exhibition has been popular among professionals, representatives of the business community and general visitors. This time the number of its participants exceeded 800 companies.

This year, "Consumexpo" occupied more than 40 thousand square meters. m., of which 14 thousand square meters were allocated directly for the presentation area. The exhibition was held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Moscow government.

The exposition was attended by representatives of both large and small businesses, companies from Austria, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Italy, China, Portugal, Turkey, France, Switzerland - from 22 countries in total, including Russia. Two of them presented national expositions: Italy and Bangladesh.

Traditionally, "Consumexpo-2009" was held according to the salon principle and was divided into the segments Homestyle / "Household goods", "Souvenirs and gifts", "Shoes, leather goods", "Clothes and accessories".

The stands of shoe companies were located in three halls of the second pavilion.

The exposition of Italian footwear brands attracted special attention. It should be noted that most of the 90 participating companies are permanent participants of the Consumexpo exhibition. Accademia's Enrico Barbato attributes his choice to the uniformity of price segmentation for the shoes presented at the show. "We prefer" Consumexpo "to other exhibitions for a certain selection of exhibitors, - agrees with Enrico Barbato, Deputy Commercial Director of Joker Victor Kuzmin. "The peculiarity of this exposition is that it presents mainly Italian shoe companies operating in the middle and medium-high price segments, which helps to gather the target audience of customers."

To the question "What is happening with orders today?" Italian shoemakers respond differently. Most of them say that they have not yet felt a decrease in demand for their products. There are also those who admit that the market situation has changed. According to Julia Oshmarina, manager of JJ Delacroix and Carlo Pignatelli, there is some decline in orders. “So far, their number has decreased slightly. But our clients have changed the approach to ordering. Today they try to choose those models that they are 100% sure of selling, - explains Yulia. - There are difficulties in working with Ukrainian clients. Due to the significant growth of the euro, they have to sell the models at cost. As a result, they cancel their previous orders. ” Nevertheless, despite the complexity of the situation, Yulia Oshmarina notes that the company also has new customers, some of whom are on the verge of opening their stores. “There were several cases when customers who were just planning to open a store came to choose models. And they were also careful about the selection of its future assortment, ”added Oshmarina.

Despite the overall positive attitude of the exhibitors, there were also those who were afraid to comment on the situation with orders, referring to the fact that they have "like everyone else ... you know."

“We are working simultaneously at two exhibitions -“ Consumexpo ”and MosShoes,” said the Italian-Russian company Mia Donna. - I must say that the situation with orders both there and there is normal. We practice participation in various exhibitions, because this approach helps to work most effectively. "

For your information: According to the exhibition audit conducted by LLC RussCom IT Systems, 2009 people got acquainted with the exposition of the Consumexpo-11 exhibition and took part in the business program of events, of which 979% were professional visitors, i.e. 80 9 specialists. The total number of visits was 583.

The international exhibition of consumer goods "Konsumexpo-2009" was held on January 13-16 and traditionally opened the exhibition program of the Moscow Expocentre. For two ...
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